Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Tea

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The last Saturday in October, we had tea at my sister's house. My sister hosts fabulous teas, and this one was no exception. Michael and I were given a cute little love seat to sit on while we had tea. Perfect for snuggling together and enjoying tiny delicious treats.

The view from the love seat. Don't you adore the flowers? And the red fall leaf that is protecting our sparkling black cherry water? And yes, the pansies in the wee tussy mussies by our places are real!

First up, cream scones with chocolate chips and gingerbread cinnamon scones.
SO GOOD. And get a load of the teeny scoops of ginger butter in the pear dish! Also, my sister makes THE best clotted cream and lemon curd on the planet. I used to not like lemon curd because it tastes too "eggy" to me. But hers is perfect!

Next course was hot apple soup, replete with oak leaf crouton and little cinnamon muffin with crumbly topping, just perfect for nibbling between sips of soup.

Then, the Tower of Yummy Goodness came to the table.

It was hard to ignore the sweets on top and start with the savories, but we managed.
Clockwise from the top: pumpkin leek tart, Brunswick stew puff, curried egg salad moon, and pecan chicken salad shell. NOM.

Time to switch from black tea to herbal...and dive into the sweets. Not literally dive. But I wanted to.
Again from the top: pumpkin bread pudding with rum cream sauce (omigosh), rum-soaked acorn pound cakelet (zomigosh), fig jam thumbprint (best. cookie texture. EVER.), orange cream brownie petit four (OMIGOSH), and the classic Bakewell Tart.

Just take a look at the teensy layers in the orange cream petit four.

Nobody, but NOBODY, does tea like my sister!

And hey, if you're in Atlanta, she has upcoming Christmas teas on December 3rd and 10th. Check out her blog for contact info. Scroll past the Fall tea menu and you'll see the invite with dates and prices.


Delusional Knitter said...

That's your sister's house!?!?! Can we all go over for tea?

Unknown said...

Rum-soaked acorn pound cakelet!?!? I have to come to the next tea!!!

Ani said...

Girl!! Your sister is amazing!! <3

Vanessa said...

Man, my sisters are so lame. This is amazing!

Aimee said...

Good heavens. That's amazing.

Kathleen said...

ajklsdfj Your sister is a teatime goddess. I can't believe how delicious and absolutely gorgeous all of this is!!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Okay, seriously, if I lived closer to you I'd be there right beside you two. That looks amazing!

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