Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Geekend That Was, 12/9 (Festivity Edition)

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Uh...yeah. So not trying to blog every day means I blog only twice a week, apparently. It was almost easier to try to do every day!

This weekend was all about the tree. We get a live tree every year, so that was Friday's task. Saturday we started to decorate, but Michael had to run sound, and then we went to my sister's annual Christmas tea, and then a party, so we had to finish the tree Sunday. We missed a concert I wanted to go to, but it would have been too stressful to try to do that and finish the tree. As it was, we finished at about 10:30 pm after choir practice!

It didn't look so great...
...until we got all the ornaments on.
Ahhhh. Much better. Due to my extreme love of all things Christmas, we actually have three schemes we can decorate the tree in...blue/silver, cream/gold and multicolored. We decided to go multicolored this year, with accents a little on the silver side.

And since we had already done the other decorations the week before, we can now relax and enjoy the Christmas glow. Here are three shots of the garland that houses my handmade ornaments.
About half of these are from exchanges I've done. Hmmm...I didn't do one this year. That makes me kind of sad! Is anyone crazy enough to do one with me this close to Christmas???

Even the Sparkly Compote of Decree gets decked out for the holidays.

To top the weekend off, I did manage a little finish!! Here's my Western Tanager!(Have fun googling to see how far off my version is. ;)
Although I have a lot to improve on here, I'm pleased that I finished him!

Halls are decked!


Annie said...

Pretty post! And that birdie is spectacular!

Shirlee said...

Loved seeing all the photos! Your Tanager looks great! Wonderful job!

Nic said...

That's a very nice tree. Most fresh trees I see are very skeleton looking, yours is nice and bushy.
Conrats on finishing the little bird. He's very cute

cucki said...

Aww I love seeing all the lovely photos..
Beautiful tree :)
Hugs x

gracie said...

Pretty tree and beautiful little bird...

Chris said...

The stumpwork bird is so gorgeous!
I love your Christmas decorating. I love seeing your ornament garland.

Jackie's Stitches said...

No handmade sewn ornament showing off the sewing skillz you acquired this year? Maybe one with a zipper?!

Your stumpwork is amazing!

Heather said...

A beautiful tree. And I love the idea of a garland for your stitched ornaments. I'll have to remember that.

The bird looks fabulous!

Tiki said...

Love your pictures! If you're up for a small ornament I'll do an exchange with you. My email is tikistitches@gmail.com

Paula said...

Lovely tree. I didn't do the usual ornament exchange this year and its kind of weird not doing it. I will be getting my tree out later and I know I have at least one ornament that I received from you.

Melanie said...

Ooooo, you finished your stumpwork bird!!! Very nice. :)
I'd be willing to do an exchange......in January. Lol

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely ornie garland, that's a great idea. If I ever make enough ornies then I'll definitely be copying it!!

rosey175 said...

I'm glad you decided to go multicolored for this year's tree! I like lots of color and they're so much fun to look at all the unique ornaments. :D Your garland is such a nifty idea too -- love all the little ornaments dangling especially that little owl!

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