Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Geekend That Was, 12/2

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Boy, not having the accountability of NaBloPoMo means I don't update the blog over the weekend! Did you miss me? Or was the decrease in inane drivel a welcome change?

Thursday night was both the most fun I've had in a while and the most epic camera fail EVER. We got tickets to see Pentatonix in Little Five Points, and this was one of those concerts where video/audio recording were permitted (and maybe even encouraged). We've been following Pentatonix since they were on The Sing-Off on NBC. (If you've never heard them, I recommend you search on YouTube. Start with "Video Killed the Radio Star" and "Let's Get it On"...then my personal favorite, a mash-up of "Since You've Been Gone" and "Forget You". Finish with "Born to Be Wild" or "Dog Days Are Over".) I thought I'd have time after work to go home and get the camera, but we had to go straight to the concert. So I can't show you that I was standing a mere 20 feet from Kevin as he laid down his sweet groove, nor can I explain how Avi's bass pounded in my chest as I was standing right in front of the massive subwoofers. Michael found us THE BEST place to stand; right at the front of a side section. While we were a little off to the side, there was no one in front of us (except the people in the middle section) and I had a nice, defined place to stand where I knew no one would infringe on my personal space. Plus, the concert wasn't too loud for my freakishly sensitive ears.

Saturday the weather was so beautiful that we went to the Botanical Gardens for lunch.
And some orchid perusal.
And some watching of frisky squirrels.

The Gardens were all decked out in holiday finery.
And whimsy. =)
They even had an awesome model train display!
There were three separate areas and probably 7 trains. Very cool.
I would love to see the Gardens lit up at night, but I'm sure that not all the LED lights they use are fully rectified (or full wave), and the flickering would drive me batty!
Yup, along with my freakishly sensitive hearing, I also have freakishly sensitive vision. I can see those old CRT monitors flicker if they're set at 60 Hz, so I can see unrectified LEDs flicker (they're going at 60 Hz, too...I will not bore you with the explanation...technobabble blah blah blah).

The big news is that Random Thoughts is DONE!!!! Hemstitched, ironed, and charms sewed on!!

And here's where you'd expect to see a picture, or a lot of them, but it's so dark in the mornings and by like 5pm every day, I haven't been able to get one yet.

HERE! I SHALL DISTRACT YOU WITH MORE ORCHID PICTURES! (This will at least work for one person. =)

I have to share some of my other favorites from the day!

I also finished my hat!
I think it came out a little too big; I was going to use Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Cast-Off, but that made it WAY too big, so I un-cast-off (???) and did a regular bind off. We'll see once it's done blocking.

Sunday we did some decorating for Christmas. Usually we haul out all the decorations, go through the epic decorating extravaganza that is our tree, and then we are exhausted but still have to do all this "other" stuff. This time we did the "other" stuff first (or most of it), and it was actually fun and very satisfying. Here are a couple of pictures...
The "Fairy Tree". I keep angling for another artificial tree in addition to the real tree we always get, but so far this is all I've managed.
Christmas bears!

Christmas is coming!!

Hmmmm...what's better? Lots of short posts or a few chunky posts like this?


cucki said...

Your hat is so pretty..well done
Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures..
Hugs x

Nic said...

Love the gardens, thanks for sharing.
Great looking hat too

Chris said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!
Congratulations on the 2 finishes.
All the pics from the Botanical Garden visit are wonderful.

Bea said...

The pictures from the gardens are beautiful - what a fun way to spend a day.

Love your hat, that's a terrific pattern.

Erin (moviemuse) said...

I'm so jealous you got to see Pentatonix!! We LOVE them!! I'd give anything to hear Avi in person (I have a thing for basses; good thing I married one.)

Melanie said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I feel suitably distracted by the orchid pics. Lol
(Is it possible to take a BAD picture of an orchid? They are the rock stars of the modeling world. Wait.......does that even make sense?? Lolol)

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