Monday, March 5, 2012

The Geekend That Was, 3/4

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I really, really meant to get a post (or two) up this weekend about our trip to Asheville and Highlands. But I think we all know that didn't happen. Actually, I really, really meant to do a LOT of things this weekend that didn't get done! Saturday was taken up with Michael having to run sound again, a basketball game (which we actually WON!! =D) and eating out. After that I decided the day was too yucky to do anything else, so we went home to try and find a magic SkyMiles flight to Europe for our anniversary. It was an epic struggle, but we MAY have found a way to fly first class, both ways, and only spend $150 to up Michael's points a bit. We also watched Megamind, which I had never seen! I really enjoyed it, but of course the animation isn't quite up to par with Pixar movies.

Sunday after church I was determined to see the frog exhibit at the Aquarium, so despite the VERY WINDY conditions, we hiked over and I had a total blog fail and I forgot the camera. No biggie; the Aquarium was REALLY crowded. I'm pretty sure they must have been giving away free money, since it's rarely THAT crowded during the Winter, even on weekends. So, we didn't spend that long there. I'll go back later and get some good pictures; they have some really neat varieties and not just the teeny poison dart frogs like at the Gardens.

The rest of the day was taken up with Doctor Who, as season six has finally arrived on Netflix. We're almost halfway through (entirely too few episodes per season in UK shows!!) and I expect us to be more than halfway after tonight. ;)

To make up for my lack of pictures, here are a couple birthday presents I got. First, I'd been lusting after the Breville tea maker ever since I saw it on Melanie's blog after Christmas. See, I need tea to operate in the morning. But I am often incapable of making tea in the morning. Neither the hubby nor I function very well (i.e., "at all") in the morning. He is usually unconscious for the first 30-45 minutes after the alarm goes off, but if he does happen to be conscious (say, when we are on vacation), our morning "conversation" might go like this:

Michael says: Good morning, honey!

Heather "says": unintelligible mumble
Heather thinks: Why isn't he making tea?

Michael says: Oh, you are so cute!

Heather "says": incoherent high-pitched whine
Heather thinks: What's the hold up on the tea?

Michael says: Just look at you; you're like a sleeping angel!

Heather "says": incomprehensible growl
Heather thinks: If I were really an angel, you'd be making me tea.

Michael says: Is there anything I can do for?

Heather "says": inscrutable death stare
Heather thinks: The same thing you could do for me every morning, YOU CAN MAKE ME SOME DANG TEA!!!

etc., etc., etc.

If you are getting from this that my husband is the most fantastic man in the world and I am a real jerk, then I've written the "dialogue" right. =)

Anyway! Because he sure can take a hint when I pester him by asking every week, "Have you ordered that dang tea maker yet?" I got to open a nice, big box before we went away for my birthday!
Et voila! I no longer want to kill my husband every morning! See, folks, the magic is in the TIMER. I can set it to have tea ready by the time I stumble downstairs in the morning! There is no other tea maker I have found out there that actually starts brewing tea at a given time AND stops brewing tea after a certain length. It. Is. AWESOME.

The night before we left for the weekend, my stitch group had a little party for me (there was cake!!!). Even though DF Jean could not attend due to illness, she still managed to get my present to me (via another shining example of good husbanding). Check out the squirrel accoutrements!
I immediately grabbed my Silver Rose and stuck it in the project bag (which is awesome and has two interior pockets and a draw string that actually stays CLOSED). This fabric is adorable; it's a map of "buried treasure"--everywhere the nuts are hidden! My favorite part is the cat statue, which is marked "cat statue (not a real cat)". LOL! I can't wait to use the chart wallet. I have many ratty scraps of paper with knitting patterns on them! The little ort holder was made by another friend, Debbie, who brought one for everyone. I'd been lusting after these on people's blogs for a while!

Funny story about the bag and pattern wallet...I saw the wallet on someone's blog and OMIGOSH SQUIRRELS had to track it down on Etsy. The store was out, so I messaged the seller asking if that fabric would be available again. She replied that there was a thread started on Ravelry about it and linked me to her message on the thread where she asked people to post if they were interested. So I posted...theeeeen I scrolled to the top and saw that the thread was started by DF Jean, saying, "This would make the PERFECT birthday present for a friend of mine." OOOOPS!! I immediately deleted my reply, but about two seconds later I got a Rav message from Jean saying, "Stop looking for squirrel-related items so close to your birthday!" LOL!! Busted. But as I told her, at least she knew I'd love the gift. And BONUS: I'd totally forgotten about it by the time I opened it. Classic!

Wow, I sure can write a lot about a weekend where not much happened. I blame the early morning wake-up for the rambling. Brain no work if up before seven. I promise more pictures tomorrow!

No tea, no talky. Yes...yes, I am a freak.


Joysze said...

First off... I love Breville, and that tea maker looks super cool!!!

Dr. Who.... ahh.... need to rewatch that again... I'm missing DT.

Europe on first class for $150!!! WHOOOOT, what a screaming deal. Whereabout are you thinking of going?

Awww, cute pressies from the ladies. That ORT holder is darling, and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! :D

Daffycat said...

Oh wow, that squirrel fabric is so awesome. Lucky you!

$150 first class? Jump on that! That would be an awesome trip.

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

beautiful tea maker :D I love tea too though I'm not that crazy!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

You didn't think you could post something on Rav and get it past Jean did you? :)

Unknown said...

Love the morning conversation, especially the internal part hah!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday!

We need more pictures of the bag please. I would like to see the pockets.

Chris said...

Hi Heather, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

Chris said...

It sounds like you had a nice quiet weekend. I love the squirrel fabric! So cute!
Happy Birthday :)

Jean in Georgia said...

I hate that I missed your par-tay, especially since there were cake and ort holders! Glad to know the squirrelly goodness hit the spot. :-) And, as Jackie says, you can rarely get anything on Ravelry past me...

Topcho said...

Aww I'm tempted to try Accio squirrel! It's too cute! And the story realted to it is awesome too, that's a great friend :D

Melanie said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I'm so happy you got a tea maker! I love love love love love LOVE mine. I've only had, like, 678 pots of tea since December because of it. *twitch*
I just got a pound, yes a POUND, of Earl Grey in from The Tea Spot yesterday actually so I can keep up with my habit. *slurp*

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