Monday, March 26, 2012

The Geekend That Was, 3/25

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I'm slowly recovering from the pollen haze! Last week I had to go to a two-day conference in addition to keeping up with work, so I worked a lot of extra hours and was exhausted by the weekend...Friday I slept 'til almost 11!!!! Saturday we got up "early" and saw The Hunger Games. It was fantastic. The only real criticism I have is with the cinematography. They employed the "unsteady steady cam," which I really hate. I hoped it would get a little better once we got into the Games, and it did...except for action sequences. In addition to being unsteady, they were close-cropped and quick-cut. That's pretty much the three strikes of action scenes for me. The only saving grace was that these weren't epic action sequences with well-choreographed martial artists dueling...these were short, bloody incidents of preteens slashing at each other like animals. In other words...quick and unclear was actually preferable in this case! So that aside, I thought the script was great, the acting was great, set dressing and costumes were phenomenal.... After the movie and a quick lunch, we went to the annual ADAC sample sale. There are always some outrageous items there...and occasionally we get great bargains, like a $30 dupioni silk duvet cover with shams or our leather recliner. This year, though, there was nothing for us.

Sunday after church and grocery shopping we walked around a bit on campus to enjoy the gorgeous Spring flowers.
Cherry Street on campus is not named that for nothing, and it is beautiful in the Spring. There are also azaleas EVERYWHERE, but unfortunately, all those pictures were TERRIBLE. This one was the only good one of the bunch (NOTE: Neither a cherry blossom nor an azalea. UPDATE: This actually IS a cherry tree! It's just a Kwanzan cherry rather than the more common snowy-white sakura--or Yoshino--cherries.) I did learn something about the camera, though...if I dial up the exposure compensation, it STAYS that way even if I change shooting modes.... I want a do-over!

I'm going to have to do an epic March Madness catch-up post!!! Also, tomorrow is my blogiversary, so I'll have to come up with a good giveaway!!

Way too many chores this weekend!


Carrie said...

Oh man, we should have a good conversation about the Hunger Games movie! William liked it, but that "unsteady steady cam" you referred to made me nauseated for whole first half. Oye. Effie was my favorite :)

Daffycat said...

I read the first half of your post with some trepidation...I'm only half way thru the book and I don't want spoilers! I am looking forward to seeing the movie too.

The peony is really beautiful...too bad about your camera setting.

Jean in Georgia said...

What I did last weekend: taxes.

What I'll do this weekend: taxes.

Melanie said...

My friend got sick during the movie.............makes me wonder if I want to wait until the DVD comes out to be honest. I am SO not a fan of the shaky cam. *sigh*

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