Monday, March 12, 2012

The Geekend That Was, 3/11

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There was entirely too little stitching this weekend. Friday I had a team lunch (yes, it was my day off, but I wanted to see a former coworker who was coming), followed by a service appointment for the Prius. I had grand plans of getting things done while I was waiting for the Prius, but I forgot my stack of paperwork on the table at home. =( Instead I surfed and read and did a lot of nothing. Meanwhile, my 1-hour service appointment took almost 2 hours! AND when I got the car back, there were dirty smudges on the door fabric and dirt on the floor. Ugh. Add that to the fact that when I pulled in to the service garage, not a single employee even MADE EYE CONTACT with me for a good 5 minutes, and I will NOT be returning to Marietta Toyota!

Oh, yeah, did I mention that when I looked down at the speedometer I FREAKED OUT because I was going 75 in a 45??!? Yeah, they flipped it to kph instead of mph.

After the "service" appointment, I expected to be able to go home, finish tidying, watch Person of Interest while stitching, and maybe play some Mass Effect 3. But actually, the hubby told me he was ready to be picked up, so I drove straight from the car place to his office. *sigh* There went the whole day!

We saw John Carter in 3D IMAX. On my first viewing, I wasn't too enthused about what they did with the plot (I should really never read a book before seeing the movie.) However, after our second viewing (!!!), I'd say that I really enjoyed it. But definitely don't see it in IMAX; the color is off. I was astonished when the movie started on our second viewing at the difference in color. I think they should have opened the movie differently; they should have started on Earth rather than Mars. But I won't say any more...spoilers. =)

So I ended up with not much time Friday to work on my March Madness pick, Random Thoughts. Here's where it stands now:
I put a stake in the ground! Drew a line in the sand! Crossed the point of no return!

Saturday passed in a haze of trying to get everything done that I'd planned to do Friday (FAIL) and watching the hubby play Mass Effect 2. And 3. I didn't even get to exercise since he jumped on at 9am and didn't stop until about 5!! Poor thing; he is wacked out with allergies.

I did get a little time to look at the birthday stash that showed up Thursday. Drema at Needlecraft Corner always sends me my birthday discount letter in plenty of time, and I always delay ordering until it's too late for me to get stuff in time for my birthday! =)
Squirrels! Drema kindly sent me the needles and threader as a nice birthday extra.

Yummy, yummy beads and sparklies for Bluebell!
I actually had the purple ones already. I pulled the DMC, and I'm a little weirded out by the purples that go along with the blues. In the picture it looks like it's all shades of blue. So the age-old dilemma: Stitch it as charted, because the ones I've seen are beautiful, or change colors and try to stitch it as I thought it looked?

Aaaaand, speaking of changing colors, I was not wild about the pinky red and green that came with this kit (bottom two). The green's definitely changing to the top one. But I think I'll keep the red even though I'm not wild about goes with the candy cane button better.

I am wild about every one of these colors, though. Drema made up these kits for the 2011 JCS ornament issue Blackbird Designs ornament. If you had to buy full skeins of the glorious Belle Soie silks, it'd cost you about 70 bucks, so this was a great deal!

Saturday night we met up with DF Teresa, who was in town, along with some others for dinner. Teresa gave me my birthday present, but I'll have to get a picture of it when it's light out. Soooo cute! I was too tired to stitch on anything at all, so one day of madness slipped past. =(

Sunday after church we went to take Michael's parents to see John Carter for his dad's birthday. I did stitch a little on the project I'd pulled on Saturday. Pictures when it's light!

Grim weekend report. At least there's pretty stash pictures to ogle!


Jean in Georgia said...

I've got that Little House ornament stitched up and finished with the threads as charted. Have you seen it?? Doesn't look bad....

Dani - tkdchick said...

OMG what incompetent idiots were in the garage????

Random thoughts looks great and oh yeah you've got to finish it now!!!!!

Wow wonderful bday stash!!!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

I'm always happy when you post a pic of Random Thoughts because I love. That. Design! And your stash looks absolutely yummy! Sorry about your car repair experience. Don't you go into a dealership expecting a higher quality of service? Not this time, evidently. Have a happy b'day! Lots of folks seem to be having b'days recently. Are you a Pisces, too?

Chris said...

Great progress Heather! You are so close to finishing Random Thoughts.
I love all the new stash! It looks like the trip to Asheville was perfect :)

Annie said...

So annoying when life gets in the way of our beloved hobbies!

Random thoughts is looking so fabulous. Definitely time to take it to the end.

And that is really some luscious stash you got from Drema. Lots of happy stitching days in the future for your!

pam said...

RT is looking fantastic. Finish it off soon. Tip, always keep a project tucked in the car for unexpected delays:)

Autumn said...

Oh don't you just love 'customer service' at some places. ugh

Look at all the stitchy stuff! WOW! I love your WIP by the way.

Carol said...

Random Thoughts is gorgeous, Heather! And such lovely stash--enjoy :)

Michelle said...

Random Thoughts is gorgeous. And great birthday stash!!! I am so sick of Crescent Colours not being able to maintain a consistent color from skein to skein - it's ridiculous, frankly.

Anne said...

Lots to comment about Heather!! That sucks that the people who "serviced" your car couldn't keep their mucky boots and hands out of your car...or be bothered to clean up their mess!!

Great progress on your Random Thoughts! I like how random it is!!

Wow! Great birthday stash! Bluebell will look gorgeous! You never know with the DMC's if they are going to work or not until you actually try it out!

Question. I've never ordered from Needlecraft Corner but have wanted to. Do you send an email or call? Can you ask her for those pre-kitted up Belle Soie silks ornies? Cause yeah, I can't afford the $70 worth of silks!!

Joysze said...

I was good.. I read everything before drooling at the pics. HAHAHAAHAH!!!

Hmmm oh John Carter. We've been contemplating about watching it...

AHAHAHA!!!! I see the 2012, you're set now! Can't wait to HD with you on its finish.

Bluebell... I think the purples are mostly in the wings so you'll get what you see in the pic. I'm not sure as she's on this year's to do list, but if Bluebell is true to how Nora charts her pixies, you're safe! ;)

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