Thursday, July 21, 2011

War of WIPs Call to Arms #1

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So, when I started the Crazy Challenge in January, I was restrained. Some people were starting fifteen projects! FIFTEEN (15)!! I was only starting five. AND I was committing to finish six existing WIPs. I was awesome.

Well. Let's ignore for a moment how that's all progressing, shall we? And focus on something more important...I HAD NO KNITTING WIPs on that list!

So to rectify this egregious oversight, I DECLARE WAR!

Here are the miscreants threatening the border of my Peaceful Knitting Land:

leafy scarf
Leafy aka "Branching Out"

When you think of nice green leaves, you think...calm...peaceful...relaxing.... BUT THIS IS NOT YOUR GRANDMOTHER'S LEAF. Scarf. Whatever. This is LACE, (somewhat) serious lace. WITH K3s!!! This. Must. End. (Especially since I want to knit some even more serious lace, and this was my learning piece).

(no pic; Ravelry page)

This scampering scalawag has been left literally in pieces, just a warm bath and some embroidery away from being A REAL SQUIRREL. I am going to go all Blue Fairy on his tail.

Errant Lace Socks

NOTE: Out of date photo!
These lawless lacies have been toeless long enough. Only one exists in sock form; it's hoped that once a mate is finished for it, it will settle down from its life of recklessness.


Stare straight into its eye...OF DOOM! The heat generated by this swirling vortex needs to be channeled into something keeping my shoulders warm this Fall. Alone, this circle has no end, but with others, it will reach its conclusion!

Herringbone Block Shawl

Not sure what it wants to it a scarf? Is it a shawl?? This identity crisis has caused it to plague the Land of Peaceful Knitting with doubt. It must be helped along to reach its full potential (whatever that may be).

acorn bag
Acorn Bag

Born as an experiment in technique, can this creation live a normal, useful life?? It can, and IT WILL, as it is hooked into service!

I think it should be pretty clear by now that I desperately need sleep.

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Delusional Knitter said...

Awesome! Nice to have you at my side for the WAR!

Aimee said...

I love the visual of knitters going to war, pointy sticks at the ready...

Jenny said...

You can totally make the herringbone project into a super-cool clutch! One more diamond to go, fold stitch edges together and voila!

Mrs Dibble said...

Oh I have a problem with lace knitting too... I see the pictures on Ravelry and fall in love immediately until I print out the pattern (usually with 47 different charts!) I have finished a couple of things but with MUCH swearing and frogging....why do they have to be so beautiful????

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