Friday, July 1, 2011

TUSAL and Tragedy

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(What's a TUSAL?)

Two tragedies, really. You can barely see any orts; that's how little stitching there was. Of course, that was due in part to the Alaska trip (YES I PROMISE PICTURES ARE COMING). But that's not the big tragedy. See all that yarn piled behind my ort jars? It's airing out. I opened the little cupboard I cleared out at the beginning of the year for my Crazy Challenge pieces (and also some knitting), and was met with a HORRIBLE SMELL! Upon investigation, there was mold growing at the back by the outside wall. I'm not sure whether there was a leak or what, but one of my project bags was FUZZY on the outside...and not with yarn. I immediately emptied the evil chamber, and everything is airing. The stitched pieces seem to be OK now (there are a couple small ones I may give a bath). And most of the yarn is OK. But there are a couple projects and yarns, including my one and only skein of cashmere (bought with a Christmas gift certificate) that still smell funky. All I can think to do is unwind the balls completely, tie them in big loops as if I were going to dye them, handwash, air dry and re-ball them.

I hope it "all comes out in the wash"....

Do not leave stash unattended for weeks at a time.


Erin (moviemuse) said...

Oh no! I hope everything survives and smells properly very soon.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Hi Heather!

Thanks for the comment today.

I think I can help you out with the smelly stash. Besides being a stitcher, I'm also a quilt historian.

We often run into this issue with old quilts. A good remedy you might want to try is to lay the smelly stash on a clean sheet or since it's small stuff put it in a pillow case and lay it out in the sun on the grass. If you use a sheet make sure it's covered or you might get "bird gifts" if you know what I mean. Leave it out there for a couple hours or so.

The chlorophyll in the grass and the heat from the sun will pull the nasty out. I know it sounds crazy but it does work. It's good for things that might run when wet.

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