Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekend Report

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I touched a couple of my 11 WIPs this weekend...here's a picture of Sapphire Star BEFORE:
and AFTER:
I'd have had a full half of the "lead lines" done if I hadn't miscounted the bottom border (too low) by ONE STINKING THREAD. You can see where I frogged. I hope that the canvas "heals" a little there, or at least that it won't be so noticeable once I restitch all the border. It's very soothing to stitch this, except for one little thing: I have to exert so much force pulling the needle through the canvas! I suppose it's good that it has a difficulty, or I'd never move on to other projects.

I took advantage of the daylight hours to finish that darn dove. I thought I'd be able to work more easily on the eyelets surrounding it at night, but no real luck there. I think the problem is the fabric. I really should have changed it for something else (I have a notorious dislike of Wichelt linen), but I had to have the exact color for some reason. I think because of the multitude of fiber colors, I was feeling fairly nervous about changing it, even though it is a very neutral color. And speaking of neutral colors and photography in low light and the worst picture ever:

The weather was SO gorgeous here on Saturday that we went and renewed our membership to the Botanical Gardens. Of course, I forgot my camera, which I bemoaned once I saw the veritable CARPET of yellow and pink tulips that covered entire beds. I hope we can go back this weekend and I can give you some eye candy. The Bradford pears and Japanese magnolias are long gone now, and the cherries are fading fast, but the dogwoods are just starting. Oh, how I love Spring!! Even if the pollen count is 2200 today.

We also saw The King's Speech Sunday. What a fantastic movie. The performances were simply outstanding and the story is so compelling it made us go home and research some British history. I surmise that the experience of watching it with full awareness of what came next must be much different than my viewing with only a vague idea of where things were going. It's rated R for language (which is limited to two scenes; one with excessive--20 times or so?--use of the F-word, one much less so).

I also got a manicure (nearly unheard of for me), mainly because the Georgia Marathon was running right by our house and I was unsure of when I'd be able to get home after church. I'll talk more about the manicure during the coming Disney cruise posts (OH YES, there are more coming...you'll all be sick of it, I'm sure). I'll leave you to wonder. ;)

I live for weekends.

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Anonymous said...

Sapphire Star's coming along beautifully - must be something in the design, I had to frog mine too LOL ;) Your little squirrel fob is gorgeous too! And as for Remy, I soooo want to eat there - that meal looks absolutely exquisite! :D

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