Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Disney Dream: Nassau (or So We Were Told)

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We did not get off the ship in Nassau.

This isn't quite as bad as it sounds, because we had been in Nassau before. The only things left to see were the aquarium with the flamingos, and Atlantis. But we had a whole huge exciting ship to explore!

The day before, we had picked up an assignment with Mickey's Midship Detective Agency.
This was so fun. A lot of artwork around the ship is "interactive", so that when someone walks by or pauses in front of it, it moves or changes. It could be something as simple as the wind blowing a ship across a map, or it could be a clip from a classic cartoon that plays, changing the picture in the process. If you sign up for the detective agency, though, you run around the ship flashing your ID card at the pictures and then interacting with them to either find stolen artwork or rescue dalmatian puppies! We did both, eventually. =)

Here, Michael is popping balloons with a pin in order to reveal a frazzled Donald and a clue.

We took advantage of the low number of people on the ship to take a ride on the Aquaduck (the water coaster on deck). Then, we chilled out for a while in the spa before showering and getting ready for lunch.

Since we had missed our scheduled dinner at one of the dining rooms, Enchanted Garden, while we were at Remy, we decided to have lunch there.
I love the little "waiting area"...even though you never have to wait there. =)

This is the entryway...it really looks like you're walking into a garden. It makes me think of the garden sequence in Mary Poppins.

Except for this fountain in the middle. =)

And behind those cool-looking booths are the rest of the tables.
There are apparently light effects that occur throughout dinner, but of course those weren't going during lunch.

After lunch, I had a manicure and pedicure scheduled, while Michael went on an "art of the theme" tour of the ship. The manicure I got was with a polish called "Shellac", and it promised 14-day wear. Now, on someone that types all day on a computer, that's ridiculous and unheard of. I would have been happy if it had lasted 7 days! Well, I'm here to tell you that I finally had it taken off (has to be taken off with 100% acetone) after TWENTY DAYS. And the ONLY thing wrong with it was that it had grown out. No chips, still shiny. VERY SHINY. The freakiest thing about when she put it on was that it was INSTANTLY dry. And when I say "dry", I mean that I could poke the top of one nail with the other, and there was no dent!
I also have to say that it was the best-applied manicure I've ever had. I did not get this stuff put on my toes; my pedicures last a long time anyway, and the Shellac is a little more expensive. Plus, I wanted the "Fire & Ice" pedicure, which involved all kinds of scrubs, potions, hot towels and heated river stones! It was great. And, I got to look out at the ocean the entire time!

Thanks to the free on-board "Wave phones" Disney provides, Michael and I were able to meet up during the tour. Afterwards, Michael had signed us up for a "Mixology" class, held in the Skyline lounge.
The cityscape in the virtual windows (and the soundtrack!) changes about every 20 minutes...from NYC to Rio to Hong Kong....

The class taught us how to mix five drinks. Michael and I got to mix the mojitos for everyone. Now, I do not normally drink and I would not have signed up for this class if left to my own devices! But it was fun and we definitely had some wild and very funny classmates. We learned how to make a martini, mojito, margarita, Sunken Treasure and B-52.
This is the only shot a classmate got before the camera battery died! The B-52 was basically a shot (Kahlua, Baileys and Grand Marnier). I was feeling a little tipsy after that (YES I HAVE MADE IT TO THIS OLD AGE WITHOUT EVER DOING A SHOT BEFORE)!

We went back to the room to change for dinner and dashed off to that night's show, "Villains Tonight!" Though a little cheesy, it was a good show. And the cast members who played Yzma and Kronk made the entire night for me. They were so perfect and hilarious.

Dinner was at...


Royal Palace is themed with princess art on all the walls.


We did see Cinderella dash by during dinner. Perhaps she was looking for her bread basket.

Royal Palace is supposedly "French cuisine", although of course it did not compare to Remy. My salmon in breadcrumbs was yummy, though!

And here is what was probably the most brilliant move the chefs made. I remember last time we cruised (well, really, every time we cruise), there is always a dilemma at dessert time. WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE? And then, because we are on a cruise ship and our waitstaff is trained to make us happy and we can get whatever we want, anyway, they bring us BOTH. Or, more commonly, ALL desserts we're considering. Kind of like, here's your dessert, and your dessert, one for the table, AND ONE TO GROW ON. Literally.

Anyway. This time, all the menus featured a "dessert sampler" with three tiny portions of what I am assuming are the most popular desserts (well, they were always the ones I wanted, anyway).

We rounded out the night by deciding that midnight would be a GREAT time to try out the miniature golf course out on deck. In 20 mile-per-hour winds, with 40 mile-per-hour gusts. It was very EXHILARATING! I have no pictures of this, sadly, so you'll just have to take my word for it (and that I won). Even more sadly, I don't even have pictures of the course, because we always thought we would go back and do it again in daylight.

But there was too much else to do!

This was still only the FIRST FULL DAY of the cruise!!!


Jackie's Stitches said...

This looks like such FUN! I always thought Disney cruises were totally kid-centric.

Shanta Hayes said...

Wow!, that was only the first full day. Cool :)

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