Monday, February 28, 2011

Spice Market

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On Valentine's Day, Michael and I ate at Spice Market, which is located in the Midtown W (uber-trendy and all that jazz). However, don't hold that against the restaurant!

I tend to be suspicious of anything super-trendy, whether it's a restaurant, movie or singer. However, Spice Market is glorious and was very relaxing despite its proximity to the unce unce unce typical in a W lobby. I wish I'd been able to get better pictures of the food, but the "mood lighting" thwarted me and I HATE dining when others are "flashing", so I had to make do. I can't, for example, show you a picture of THE BEST BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP EVER, but I can show you lentil chips with amazing sun-dried-tomato chutney:

But back to the unpictured soup: It was PERFECT.'s the crazy thing: Topped with tofu foam. Now, I have a hearty dislike for tofu; I think it comes from too much grainy "tofutti" as a kid. But I couldn't have told you this wasn't a dairy product. It was perfectly creamy, and the soup itself was rich, smooth, and studded with pumpkin seeds and eensy cubes of candied ginger. You can pretty much throw candied ginger on anything and I will declare it "best ever", but this soup might have qualified even without it!

My main course was a steak with a coriander pesto over bok choy.

Michael had...some food as well. No seriously, he had a great Thai slaw salad and Pork Vindaloo, but those pictures came out EVEN WORSE than these. Perhaps it was the heat shimmers rising from his food, as he went through quite a lot of water, but they were good nonetheless.

Dessert! Michael had this crazy Yuzu (TART!) sorbet with white chocolate mousse and meringue sheets, drizzled with BASIL SYRUP...
...while I downed a dessert that was about as close as you can get to having a slab of fudge at a fancy restaurant:
It wasn't as sweet as most fudge, and it was thicker; closer to taffy. But it was rich and chocolately and great, and the banana with caramelized sugar on top was the perfect size.

All in all a great meal!

Totally worth it!


Annie said...

That looks so delicious. Did you really manage to eat all that? Or did you take home a goodie bag? Not for the dessert of course.. I would have eaten that first!

Delusional Knitter said...

Yum! Looks like a lovely evening out!

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