Thursday, February 10, 2011

And the winner is...

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Congrats!! I'm guessing you want the stitchy/knitty prize, but you can let me know for sure when you email me your mailing address...heather at lottloft dot com. I already found another goodie to throw in. =)

So which of these things do you think happened to us in the past week?

A) Heather gets patted down for the second time while going through airport screening (2 for 2, baby!)

B) Michael "finds" a screw in his salad at {unnamed restaurant}...with his teeth

C) Our trash can is stolen

D) Heather spikes a fever at 101

E) All of the above

If you guessed E, YOU ARE CORRECT! I'm pretty sure I have yet another sinus infection (which means I can't go to the Minute Clinic in CVS anymore...they won't take you after three in 365 days, ASK ME HOW I KNOW). I'm going to the doctor tomorrow after Michael and Rocky (WARNING: High Geek Factor Link) somehow manage to haul thirty-nine 20' boards to our deck (our fourth story).

Clearly, not much stitching has gotten done. To say I was brain dead Tuesday night (high fever) would be an understatement. Even American Idol didn't make sense (OH WAIT.) I do feel better now, but I have learned that I really, really stink at keeping myself hydrated and remembering when I took drugs, drugs, glorious drugs.

Speaking of which...I need to go drink some water.

A) Yes, I'm "one of those people" that opt out of the full body scanner. We just don't know the effects of that radiation on the skin, and since I make Snow White look like a tropical goddess, I'm not risking it. Neither pat-down made me feel uncomfortable, other than my own flusterations at having to make a travel companion wait.

B) It was teensy (1/4"?), he didn't harm his teeth or mouth in any way, our meal was free (duh), and I'm not ratting out the restaurant because we eat there, like, twice a month and they're always awesome and nothing like this has ever happened there.

C) The joys of living downtown. I actually saw the guy, but didn't realize it was our trashcan. Also, I was in pajamas and hacking up a lung. Which, now that I think of it, might have been a huge deterrent to the guy if I'd gone chasing after him.

D) I'm under 99 now. 97.6 is my normal!

JiffNotes FAIL: Longer than actual post.

I blame the drugs.


Parsley said...

WOW! I'm so thrilled. I think you guessed right and will be happy with whatever you send my way! I'll email.


Aimee said...

I'm a 97.9 normally. Funny how much of a difference that makes, isn't it? 99.5 may not seem high to a 98.6er, but to me it feels like it.

Glad you're on the mend! I do think you should have loped, hacking, after the trash can thief. It would have been very sitcom-like.

Parsley said...

In my excitement I forgot to say how sorry I am to hear you haven't been well.

The screw in the salad...yuck. They should have offered you a free meal and are lucky he wasn't injured.

I guess I'd prefer the pat down too but I'd refuse either so I don't fly. LOL

Jackie's Stitches said...

I'm guessing the pat down wasn't performed by some hunky stud with washboard abs?

I hope you feel better soon. What's a Minute Clinic at CVS?

Delusional Knitter said...

Oh sorry to hear you're not feeling well ... and everything else that happened! I thought I had a sinus infection the last cold I had ... actually I know I did. Mucinex (not sure if I'm spelling it correctly) works wonders for that, and lots and lots of tissues!

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

I'm sorry to be laughing at your expense, but I loved this post - especially the FAIL in the jiffy notes :)

I hope you're on the mend! {{{hugs}}}

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow Heahter what a string of crappy things to happen hope you're feeling well soon!

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