Friday, March 4, 2016

Anyone still out there?

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Hey, hey, it's 2016! Long time no blog. Is anyone still "listening"? =) Thank you to those of you that reached out to see if I was OK. Nothing big happened to make me wander away from the only real excuse is work-related, and who wants to be bored by that??

Rather than try to recap a year or so, I'm just going to move forward and try to do smaller posts so they won't seem so daunting when I think about starting! I don't have any good needlework pictures to share right now; I have finished a few small things and even more knitting (thanks to Loopy Academy). I'll share some in upcoming posts. For now, here are some pictures fresh off the camera from February.

It's Orchid Daze time at the Atlanta Botanical Garden! There was no theme like in years past, but the orchids were still pretty.

In the main atrium of the orchid house, they had these cool hanging grapevine balls!

My birthday is at the end of February, and we took a last-minute quick trip down to Walt Disney World so the Dapper Dans could sing me "Happy Birthday".

Birthdays at Disney are awesome; they give you a birthday button to wear and everyone says, "Happy Birthday!" to you all day long.  We were in the Magic Kingdom on my birthday, and the next day we went to Epcot, where they were gearing up for the Flower and Garden Festival.

Later in the day, we hopped over to Hollywood Studios, where we rode Star Tours many times (had to see all the variations!) and got to see the amazing Star Wars fireworks show!

Alas, Rey merchandise was sold out in my size everywhere, but my wonderful spouse made me an awesome birthday card (which I will have to show you later!)

Well, that was my quick post for the's time to go make dinner!  See ya real soon!

I am back after a long hiatus! As usual, Orchid Daze is happening and I went to Disney for my birthday.


Jackie's Stitches said...

How wonderful to see a post from you! Happy belated birthday! It definitely looks like you had a great celebration.

Daffycat said...

I'm still here. OMG don't do that (disappear) again! I've missed you!

gracie said...

Welcome back to blogging. Nice to see your post. Happy birthday to you

Tiki said...

Welcome back! Looks like your birthday was fun.

Bea said...

Woo hoo - another blogger returning from the great beyond! So glad to see you posting again.

jocondine said...

Waouh! Opening my blog to finish my "TAC" post, your link was offering us that wonderful orchid. Nice to see you're ok and back. Plein de bisous de bienvenue ! (welcoming kisses).

Karoline said...

Great to hear from you again, looks like you had a great birthday

krayolakris said...

Nice to see you Heather! Belated birthday wishes!

KimM said...

Heh, Heather! Good to hear from you. Lovely post - glad you're back! Don't be a stranger.

Kerryp77 said...

Lovely to have you back. Looking forward to seeing some of your recent makes. Happy belated birthday.

Annette-California said...

Welcome back!!! Happy Birthday! Super fun day at Disney World you had! love Annette

Heather said...

Happy birthday I'm glad you're okay! I'm going to Disneyland for my birthday next month lol. Is there anything ren you wanted in particular? I could keep an eye out when I'm there and ship it to you. Let me know!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

First Joysze and now you! You're both aliiiiiiiiiiiiive!

Lovely to see you blogging again. I have a new SAL called Gifted Gorgeousness, please join us and bring your shoehorn!

Gillie said...

Well! I was thinking about you, honest I was, never bothered to inquire of course but am very glad you are back. Happy belated birthday!

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