Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Alphabet Club - H!

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It seems I'm even late for detention!

"They only met online, but it changed their lives forever"

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This is my first time participating in the fabulous brainchild of Jo at Serendipitous Stitching and chiara at the grey tail. I have really been enjoying reading everyone else's posts, though...I love hearing about local language and customs!!

The first "H" word I have for you is a typical Southern, it's not "Howdy"'s "Hey." It's also the thing that Stormtroopers yell when they see someone doing something, rather than trying to stop them!

Get it? Get it???

When I was a teenager, I'm pretty sure I had this conversation more times than I'd like to admit:
Me: "Hey, y'all."
Friend 1: "Hey."
Friend 2: "Hey."
Me: "Hey."

Yep, those were some articulate times.

And now for some H-related stitching!

During my hiatus, I went to Hardanger University. This is my in-progress Hardanger class piece from Meg Shinall:
The center is done; I am working on the lacy edge. You can see on the left where I started to cut it away from the supporting fabric threads. This is my favorite kind of edge; much quicker than blanket stitching!

And here is a barely-started Heirloom Sampler in a Year by Linda Driskell, sold by Nordic Needle. I did one of her other samplers-in-a-year and really enjoyed it...I even finished it! Is anyone else doing this one?

I found an actual finish that starts with "H"...this is my hedgehog, Tilly!
She was a class from Rae Iverson (Moss Creek Designs). We pre-stitched her back, and in class we learned how to assemble her. There is also a cute bag and other accessories that go with her, but of course she is the only thing I have finished! Here's a view of her "bow"-hind. :)

Of course, the last H is me...geeky Heather! =D

Well, that's all I have time for...check back next month for ramblings about the letter "I"!

If you'd like to see more Alphabet Club posts, check out chiara's link-up post!


Tiffstitch said...

Great start to the club posts. Beautiful work on the hardanger, wow! And very cute little hedgehog. I get the Stormtrooper quote too. ;)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Glad you're joining us! The hardanger looks wonderful.
My favourite meme is the one where the Stormtrooper shoots at the Red Shirt and misses, but the Red Shirt dies anyway because that's all they were there for in Star Trek!

Kaisievic said...

Wonderful first Alphabet Club post, Heather. I am so impressed by your Hardanger work - just gorgeous!

Mini said...

Hopping on from the TAC band wagon.
Great first post.
Lovely hardanger and hedgehog projects.


jocondine said...

Great H post, happy you are now a TAC blogger too. Hardanger University that's the kind of studies I want to join. Tilly is lovely, the stitched back pattern so precise and so elegant with her black bow. Bisous.

Brigitte said...

Hey Heather, How great to have you join the Alphabet Club. And your H post is a lot of fun to read.
I love your little Hedgehog. And that Hardanger piece will be great.

Heather said...

Awesome start! Beautiful progress :). And yay heathers!

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