Saturday, December 14, 2013

Theme-a-licious Detritus December Check-in

You guys, I continue to be very impressed with the themes you're sending in! You're all so inspiring! For those of you that haven't sent in a theme suggestion yet...what are you waiting for? (See here if you have no idea what I'm talking about.) Remember, your theme can be as carefully crafted or as simple as you'd like...I'll take care of writing it up if you just want to send me one word! And you'll get a prize if your theme is chosen!

This is going to be a yarn-heavy post!!

The Cookie A Sock Club has caused me to get a lot more things finished because there are potential PRIZES...each shipment, Cookie draws a winner from all the FOs from the past shipment. This time around, the entries were worth double...and the prize was membership for next year! Although I sadly didn't win, I did finish two more socks. First, these are Vamps:
They are still blocking here, and it's not the best picture, since it was really just for "proof" that I'd finished. I'll take a better picture with them actually on my feet (and it'll probably be coming to a Finished Object Friday near you. ;)

Next, I had a pair of socks that only needed a couple inches and a toe done; I had put them away to start the next shipment. These were actually the second pair of socks I knit in the same shipment! I guess my track record isn't too bad; out of five shipments, I knit both socks from two of them. In fact, there's only one of the shipments that I don't plan to knit both socks!! Anyway, without further ado, here are my Pirouettes:
Also not a great picture...and also pre-blocking.

And in case you missed it in the last post, I also finished a cowl.

Whoah. Of course, I have finished ZERO needlework projects. That's OK; I have done a little work on my hardanger piece, but it doesn't look that much different than it did at the end of November. I've only done half of the filling of the section I cut out. I WILL finish this this month!!

So how is Detritus December going? Are you clearing anything off your WIP list...or at least making some progress in that direction? Please add your link below (to your check in post), and visit some other Themers if you can (everyone loves comments and encouragement!) Our next post will be on the 1st of January (not the 31st of December like usual...we're switching to the 2014 beginning-of-month dates), when we'll wrap up Detritus December and embark on the New Year of Theme-a-licious, starting with Jardin January!

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Unknown said...

I LOVE those Pirouette socks! Gorgeous!

Val said...

Does it count if I finished an ornament I started a couple days ago?

Melanie said...

Ack! All those twisted stitches and cables. *fans self* Good job!!! :)

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