Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day Book Winners

There were three of you who said you'd like a Kindle book in my Advent Blog Hop giveaway: Gillie, Brenda, and Carolyn. Three is such a nice, round number, so I'm happy to say you each win a book! Please send me your selection by the 31st (you'd better send me a second choice just in case you all end up wanting the same book).

Coming up in my next post, a quiz: who out there thinks they can name all the disasters that occurred at the lottloft leading up to Christmas??


Shebafudge said...

Congratulations to the winners! I would have loved to win a new book to read but much prefer a 'real' book to hold. I spend enough time reading online for uni :) (Sorry that sounds a really grumpy comment, it's not meant to be!)

Sorry to hear there were several disasters, I hope none were major?

TeresaB said...

Hmmm, lottloft disasters before Christmas. My guess is one had to do with getting the Christmas tree up into the living room. Another had to do with not having something to make a cookie during the great cookie bake off and perhaps a third to do with getting sick and not being able to get a present or two complete or out.

But those are just guesses, not based on any insider knowledge, and the last one isn't really a disaster.

Melanie said...

Oh no. It's never good when the word disaster goes hand in hand with the word Christmas. :(

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You burnt something vital to the meal, you lost a present you know you bought, you made a comment about hating an author then found your MIL had bought your their book for Christmas, your sister bought you a mug implying you don't do housework (oh no, that was just me!), you used the Santa wrapping paper on a present meant to be from a relative and blew the secret, a squirrel got in and hid in the tree, a racoon got in and hid in the tree, a bear got in and hibernated in your bed, I think I'll stop guessing there!

Nic said...

Oh dear.
However did you stop yourself from saying "call the (insert appropriate word here" who messed up" and hanging up the phone?

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