Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Theme-a-licious 2014...This Year, It's Personal!

Finally! I know some of you have been waiting for this post, and I'm sorry it's so late!

Since some of you demanded a theme every month (*cough*Jo*cough*), I have obliged...but you're going to have to help! Only half the themes will be set at the beginning of the year, and the other months I will draw a theme that one of YOU has sent in! If your theme is drawn, you'll get a little prize from me. =) We'll only post once per month, on the first, to wrap up the previous month and talk about the coming month...or would you rather continue on the last day of the month? I'm flexible.

So...here are the themes! I'm afraid I couldn't give up my favorites. =)

Jardin January
The holidays were a little stressful...let's relax in a nice garden. Work on any piece with flowers or gardens.

It's a Mystery...for now!

March Madness
Work on something different every day...it's madness...of the funnest possible kind.

It's a Mystery...for now!

Menagerie May
Is it a zoo in your stack of WIPs? How many projects can you find that include animals or birds?

It's a Mystery...for now!

Jubilee July
It's time to celebrate! What are you celebrating this year? Stitch on your holiday-related projects, OR find some WIPs you know you'll never finish and set them free.

It's a Mystery...for now!

Supersize September
Dip your needle into the vast swath of fabric dedicated to your BIGGEST projects!

It's a Mystery...for now!

No-Xs November
What can you make without making an X?? Blackwork, hardanger, embroidery, needlelace, and the list goes on! Don't panic...you can even backstitch for the month!

It's a Mystery...for now!

Well, I guess that's about it! Oh, what's that? You want graphics?? ;)

What do you think? =) There's also a plain version for those of you that don't care for Sherlock (say what??)

Now, to use the graphics, just link to the ones on my site, because if you download and upload to Blogger, the banner won't animate. Just click in the box under the graphic you want, copy, and paste into your post (or your sidebar, for the small graphic).

The theme's afoot! Version:

Non-geeky, plain version (not that there's anything wrong with that):

Sidebar graphic:

I'm looking forward to seeing what you all come up with...email me your themes now! You can email as many as you want, so email early and often. ;)


Richard Rose said...

I might actually be able to join in on some of these next year. I'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

This is the coolest thing ever!! Just checking, you will be drawing the themes at random? So I could put "stitch something Jo would love and then gift it to her" as a theme?

Seriously though, my first nomination for a theme is Dragon December - has the year been draggin' ? Never mind, it's time to get those dragons done this month.

Stand by for more themes to follow when I get my alliteration head on and think of some xxx

Jackie's Stitches said...

What a great idea! I love it! I'm hoping to be more active this year - more like I was in 2012.

I thought I'd really not like March Madness and it turns out it's probably my favorite month so I'm glad to see it's still there!

Zeb said...

LOL love the Sherlock graphics :)
I'll need to see if I can participate next year. Will be working out dates this weekend so should know then.

woolwoman said...

sounds like fun - I hope I can participate in 2014. Hope you have a grand holiday season ! Mel

Val said...

Oh yeah. Pumped for theme-licious action. My boyfriend will be pumped if that equals my finishing a project off my work table.

Shebafudge said...

I am defnitely going to participate more next year than I have this year. I love March Madness!!!

I will get my thinking hat on for some mystery themes.

TeresaB said...

Oh I see how you are...very subtle way to perhaps ensure my participation and MAKE me start back to blogging? Or maybe not. Either way it's worked. I had already decided I needed to start blogging again based on some comments several of my friends (coughMelcough coughJackiecough) have made lately. Now don't be surprised if I actually manage to play along the entire year. And I may have a theme or two in mind.

Kerryp77 said...

Yay more theme-a-licious. I must do b better in 2014!!!

SoCal Debbie said...

Jo convinced me to join up this time! Having a new theme every month sounds like fun!

Rowan said...

I'm totally up for this this year :D Is there a sign-up or anything?

Jan Gartlan said...

Yay! Count me in for 2014. My suggestion is Ode to October. The words are speaking this month! Hunt out those WIPs with a verse or two. It's time those projects with words and sentences grew.

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