Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Geekend That Was, 10/7

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Wish I were here.

The post-vacation glow has continued for a week. And my tan doesn't look bad, either. =) But seriously, post-vacation means that work doesn't get me nearly so stressed. I'm a lot more likely to say, "Eh, who cares?" Unfortunately, that carries over into other areas, like...say...BLOGGING. Eventually vacation pictures will make it here!

Nothing happened on Friday. Like, I did not do one useful thing. OK, I maybe did some laundry. Saturday we were attacked by ants, and since Michael had to run sound (AGAIN), I spent the morning trying to figure out where the little buggers were coming from. Oh, the crazy, madcap existence I lead! That afternoon we went to Six Flags for a company-sponsored "family fun" day. While it's awesome to go there for free, there were certain disadvantages:
  • We went there last year, too. A little Six Flags goes a looong way.
  • We just got back from a Disney cruise. Their cruise ships are incredibly well-maintained and incredibly clean. Six Flags is, well...not.
  • It was the first weekend of Fright Nights, so there were approximately one billion people there. And they were all in line for the one ride I've never been on and wanted to go on. Actually, that's not true. ALL the lines were insane. But I couldn't make myself wait TWO HOURS for one ride, no matter how awesome it may be.

Sunday after church and lots of errands, I went to choir practice. And it was AWESOME! It was the most guys I think I've sung with since Georgia Tech (and that is the only mixed choir I've ever seen that had twice as many men as women...if you're not a music geek, that's really the ideal choir...TONS of basses, fewer tenors, fewer altos and a few sopranos). It was just so good to be with a group that didn't need the same line played five times to get it. Don't get me wrong; our past church choirs have managed to produce an amazing sound with very few people. But I think this one is going to be really great.

I must get over my huge case of Can't Be Bothered.


cucki said...

have a lovely week deary..
hugs xxx

Shirlee said...

Would love to hear your choir! I've always wanted to sing in a choir but I can't carry a note in the proverbial bucket : ( I'm with you about 6 Flags : )

Chris said...

The post vacation readjustment...ahhh.
It sonds like you had a great time. I came back to one small snake in the house, he was quickly removed, I think the ants may be worse! lol

Joysze said...

Yeah, I know all about "can't be bothered... whatever." I think it's a good mentality to have for work though... so there's less stress. ;)

Melanie said...

There isn't much I would stand in line for two hours for. And Six Flags certainly isn't on that list. lol Love the IDEA of going on rides though. :)

I haven't had a 'do nothing' day in so long (as in NO cooking, NO housework, NO work, NO pet troubles to deal with, and NO exercise all in one day) I'm not even sure I would know HOW at this point. Oh right, that's called 'death'. lolol

AimeeWrites said...

I've just joined our church choir...tiny, and of course lacking in men. Can't convince Jason to join, unfortunately. I miss a man-heavy choir.

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