Monday, October 29, 2012

The Geekend That Was, 10/28

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The weekend felt productive, even though there were a lot of chores that didn't get done! Saturday morning I had my final sewing class, so I hauled the machine to a storage facility one last time (they're still in temporary digs). I wasn't that excited about the class, because it was "aprons". I already have three (cooking) aprons, so I decided to make the "tool belt" apron (it also required only 1/2 yard of fabric, which I had lying might recognize it =).

In the end, I was SO glad I went to class. I don't think I've ever taken a class in which I haven't learned something, and this one was no exception. So without further ado, behold my apron!
Action shot!
I'm pretty pleased with how the pleated pockets turned out (they're pleated so you can cram more stuff in 'em).
I also learned that bias tape is awesome, and my previous failures with it were because...well, because I didn't know what the heck I was doing, but also because I was trying to use it without thinking about the construction of what I was making, and because I wasn't pinning in advance of sewing! I will always, always, ALWAYS pin now.

Flush with success, I decided I was going to finally try to replicate this bag, which I bought to hold Les Rubans.
I wanted another one like it to house Sapphire Star (which is much smaller and would be swallowed in this size of bag). This was the best bag I had for it!
So sad. So check out what I came up with!
I didn't have a pattern other than the existing bag, so I just winged it.
Now Sapphire Star has its own custom bag. Much better.

After I finished the bag, we went and voted! Voting was in a library branch, so afterwards we were involuntarily sucked in to look at the books. They create their own gravitational pull, you know. We may have brought home a few.

On Sunday after church, we met some friends for lunch and then went to a dedication for the new sorority house on campus. When I lived there, 14 people lived in four rooms in the house. Now about 40 live in 20 rooms, and there's a huge kitchen with a chef! (Who, as an aside, was a bit too handsome to be a chef in a sorority house, if you ask me.) When we got home, I demanded cocoa because I was so cold. I mean, I was told that when it got cold, there would be cocoa, so it was only fair. What's the point of cold weather if there's no cocoa, anyway?

Sewing class has, at the very least, given me confidence to try and figure things out on my own.


Christine S said...

Wow, what a great tool belt! I also really like the bag you made!

Parsley said...

Very clever! A tool apron is a great idea.

Nic said...

Glad to hear the class taught you something. It's always disappointing when you take a sewing class and come away not having learnt something useful.
Both the apron and bag look great

Jackie's Stitches said...

Is that a zipper I see you showing us? A ZIPPER?! I'm *scared* of zippers and look at you throwing one down! :)

pinkundine said...

Love the bag, it looks perfect. And your pleated pockets on the apron are amazing :)

Faith (the Vampire Slayer) said...

There is absolutely no point to cold if there cannot be cocoa. I love your sewn items. Both the bag and the apron look useful and lovely in that print!

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