Monday, June 13, 2022

I'm out of clever titles...

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...for March Madness. At least ones that won't make even me groan as I type them. I've been doing pretty well with working on something different every day. I only broke my "rule" twice: Both times were because I was so tired/braindead that I couldn't think of doing anything except relatively mindles. So I knit on the Medallion Capelet. I have now finished all three medallions! Here's a "blocked/unblocked" photo:
I get it now: Blocking gooood.

Speaking of blocking, this will look a lot better once it's blocked ("Branching Out" from knitty):
There is a glaring mistake right now, but I've already restarted this so many times that I'm just going to sew up the hole!! I really need to put in a lifeline. I'm probably going to tempt fate until the next repeat.

Here are shots of some more progress that's been happening since last time I checked in...Moss Creek's "Autumn Jewels":

The sad progress on Britty Kitty's Poinsettia:
Yes, I believe that's the second time this month for that, but I did something else that day. I also started my surprise ornament, but no pictures of that. =)

This looks impressive, but it wouldn't if you saw where it was before this month. =) Victoria Sampler's "Heirloom Christmas Sampler":

The "Where's Waldo?" of today's post...can you find the start I made on Ellen Chester's "Quaker Turtles" in this picture?

Thanks to my stash, I was able to start LaBroderie's "Shakespeare's Garden" with DMC Flower Thread on a Silkweaver Summer Fun Pack fabric pretty much the same as the Light Mocha Cashel called for, only with beautiful subtle variations.
By the way, I ironed the fabric before I started, because it had been in its little plastic bag for years, and it was very creased. I have now promised myself that I will always iron fabric before I start. Look how great it looks! And it was so much easier to line up in the Q-Snaps! I immediately violated this rule when I started the Quaker Turtles. =) My rationalization is that I'm going to cut the fabric apart and make it my travel project as soon as I finish that darn Pear (excuse my's on 35 count).

More madness...but the good kind now.


Jean in Georgia said...

I'm especially impressed with the medallions! Can't wait to see them in person. :) Looks like you're enjoying yourself.

TeresaB said...

You've been much better at March Madness then me. And I think I spotted the start on the Quaker Turtles. They are so adorable!

Jill said...

out of clever titles? But you live with Michael....does not compute.

Congrats on the medallions - though I am secretly cursing you (since I am way behind).

Karin said...

The medallions are gorgeous - and you've made great progress.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your WIPs are looking lovely

Jackie's Stitches said...

This post just showed up in my blog reader with a date of today but I see the comments are from 2008. I miss your blog and Jeff Notes alawys make me laugh!

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