Friday, August 31, 2012

WIPocalypse of Olym...Hellenic Proportions!!

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This update is so late, I may as well have changed the name to Fall Fun WIPocalypse. Hey...I might use that later on this month. ;)

I was surprised when I looked back over how much I've gotten done since the last check-in. Or, more accurately, how many of my WIPocalypse projects I've worked on...the actual amount of progress probably isn't that impressive. =)

Hmmm, I feel like you've just seen most of these...oh, THAT'S RIGHT, YOU HAVE!

Random Thoughts - I will definitely get this done this year!
Now I just need to withdraw the threads for the hemstitched border and figure out whether I want to finish it with the turned-back border or not....

Ye Shall Prosper - incredibly boring at the moment.

Les Rubans - Oh, just look at the previous post. =)

Origami Turtle - All blocked! But sadly still awaiting construction...

Hearts and Flowers Ornament...minuscule progress.

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Annie said...

I love how you work on so many different types of needlework and designs. Random Thoughts looks fabulous. I'd love to see it with the hem stitch (I wouldn't necessarily love to do it myself though!)

Unknown said...

lovely stitching! great job!

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