Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Theme-a-licious Fangirl February Wrap-Up

Sorry I'm a little later than I wanted to be with this post...we just got back from my birthday weekend away. =)

This month wasn't as productive as I'd have liked, but it's a short month, so let's give it a pass. ;) My plans for my favorite designers were
  • Teresa Wentzler: Peacock Tapestry
  • Moss Creek Designs: Blackwork Band Sampler...or maybe Ye Shall Prosper.
  • Mirabilia: I should be good and work on Autumn Queen (in progress AND on the WIPocalypse list). But what I really want to do is start Dancer, since Dasher needs company. And since it's my birthday this month, that's probably what I'm going to do. =)
  • Cookie A: Bex
I didn't get anything more done on Peacock Tapestry since IHSW, except for a little backstitching, but here's a reminder:
For Moss Creek, I decided to work on Blackwork Band Sampler. I was able to finish the bottom most motif and start on the double satin stitch border that surrounds the WHOLE THING.
I was hoping to put in some of the vine and flowers that twine around it, but that didn't happen.

As anyone who's been paying attention at all should have been able to predict, for Mirabilia, I did not act like a responsible person and work on Autumn Queen...I started Dancer.
(Pardon the terrible picture.) Careful viewers may note that this blob is approximately the same size, though a different shape, than it was last time. That's because, unfortunately, I was not a very careful stitcher and had to frog an entire deer leg. =(

I did get a whopping two rounds done on Bex in the car on the way to my birthday getaway. I didn't take a new picture, because the socks still look pretty much like they did last year:

Next up is...
March Madness
Stitch or knit on something different every day...it's madness...of the funnest possible kind.

Now a quick word about March Madness...I realize that not everyone can do what I do, which is utter madness. If you don't want to try that (AND I DON'T BLAME YOU), think about what might shake up your stitching routine a little. If you've got a lot of WIPs, why not pick a random one each weekend day? If you're a committed one-at-a-timer, why not start an ornament each week? Or let a friend pick your next project? Whatever seems like "madness" to you, that's what you should do. =)

Here's the vessel of my Madness:
Behold, the Sparkly Compote of Decree!

I have a slip of paper with each of my WIPs on it (and a few blanks, which are "wildcards" and let me stitch whatever I'd like during the day...which usually translates into starting something I've been wanting to start ;). In the morning I draw a slip from the SCOD. If for some reason I don't want to stitch what's on the slip (for example, I pull my most complicated project on a night I'm going to stitch group) I can pick another slip, but I HAVE to stitch that project, and I have to work on the first one I drew the next night. I am allowed to work on something I've already worked on during the month as long as I ALSO work on a project from the SCOD. Even when I'm being random, I gotta have SOME rules. ;)

So how did your Fangirl February go? Please add your link below (to your wrap-up post). We're going to use the links WITH the thumbnails again, but if we want to keep those, I need to get a silver membership. I think they're cool, but if you guys are ambivalent, I'll probably go back to the plain old links. So let me know in the comments what you prefer!

Our next post will be on the 15th, when we'll see how the Madness is going! And don't worry if you haven't posted before...just jump in whenever.

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Unknown said...

I think you made great progress and I love your idea for picking your projects for March. I to like to have rules even in randomness lol. Can't wait to see how you get on.

Sue said...

Hee hee....can't have your reindeer being lonely. Nice stitching. I love the way you are choosing your March Madness projects. Very pretty dish! I'm off to take photos and post my wrap up post....after I've hung out the washing....It is my motivator. lol Happy birthday!

Karoline said...

Your February projects look great, nice progress.

I have no strong feelings about having thumbnails with the links although I find it a bit slow to do as you have to go through a couple of screens.

Joysze said...

Happy belated birthday, Heather!!!! I love that Moss Creek design.

Ooooh, just thinking about March Madness would drive me mad. LOL!!!! But I shall look forward to seeing your guys' updates. :D

Daffycat said...

Woo! Mine's up, Heather!

Your March Madness Method sounds perfect. I'd never keep up though.

I hope you had a fabulous birthday weekend away!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I've figured out my own version of March Madness on my blog.
I really like the little thumbnails, it's more tempting to go and look at the blog posts!
I love your Compote but I'd be inclined to call it a COD - Cup of Destiny! LOL!
ps great stitching again this month.

Sherry said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I love your blackwork is it hard? I've never tried it before. But it looks so pretty. And of course you know I love Dancer. I can't wait to see all your projects. I think March Madness is my favorite!

Sherrie said...

Hi Heather,
Beautiful work! Love the Black Work, it's beautiful. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Jenny said...

Wow Heather, you have so many wonderful WIPs going! I lobve the Moss Creek piece - have to go Google it and see how the finished sampler looks.
Have a great weekend!

Delusional Knitter said...

Lovely stuff. Love the Bex ... I have that book, my coworker completed Bex - oh my!!! How about for March Madness .. I actually stitch for once, now that would be madness!!!

Julie said...

So many updates. Good work Heather, I cannot wait to see more of Dancer.

TeresaB said...

I'm sure you weren't sure I'd actually post this month but I did! Love your progress on everything.

TeresaB said...

PS - I like the thumbnails, but don't have to have them.

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