Monday, February 20, 2012

The Geekend That Was, 2/19

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Saturday morning we headed to the Botanical Gardens again because Orchid Daze has started! I want to do a separate post because I took a LOT of pictures. But here's a taste:

The day turned misty and rainy, so we headed home, making a perfect evening for hermitting. =)

The hermitting was aided greatly by the hubby's acquisition earlier in the week...
Oh yeah. Even the Christmas episode.

I managed to finish the second lesson on my temari ball. I'm still a week behind, but at least I'm catching up. I had a tough time finishing the marking and doing the first round of stitching on the ball. I learned a lot, though. I really should write it down so I actually remember it. =P
It doesn't look too bad, although there is a technical term for the way my shapes (pentagons and hexagons...see 'em?) came out, and that term is "wonky." =)

Then I pulled out Peacock Tapestry and decided that instead of continuing to wallow in pear leaves, I might be better motivated to finish it if I had a pretty peacock to look at while I stitched. So I started on him...see his little birdy feet?

There was no stitching on Sunday...after church we went to Michael's parents' house and played two games of Settlers of Catan (BOTH of which Michael won, ONE of them by UTTERLY BETRAYING ME) and then saw War Horse. I didn't enjoy it as much as I expected, but that could have been because of the interference on the digital projector (the lighter scenes of the movie looked like they were shot through a continual drizzle), or because of the couple eating Doritos out of a VERY CRINKLY bag the ENTIRE MOVIE.

I'll take two days of hermitting next month, please.


McKenna C. said...

The orchid is beautiful! It sounds like you've had a pretty productive weekend. I can't wait to see the finished Peacock Tapestry!


Minnie said...

I think you temari ball looks very good and your stitching is also very good. I may have to check out Downton Abbey on Netflicks, I've heard so many good things about it.

gracie said...

I am so looking forward to watching the progress on the Temari ball.

cucki said...

the orchid is looking so lovely..
have a lovely day..
hugs xx

Delusional Knitter said...

I don't think it looks wonky at all, plus, how many times have you done this?? You're learning, right? Love the orchids, post more please!

Emily said...

Ooo! Temari! That's something that intrigues me ... I'm excited to see how yours progresses!

Joysze said...

I saw your Orchid post first, which totally made my day!!!!!! :D

Love the temari ball... one of these days... I keep saying that, but mark my words. One of these days I'll try one. :D

Downton Abbey... need to watch that... need to find time, LOL!!!

Awwwwww, Peacock Tapestry. I love this and it's so near and dear to my heart. PITA backstitching but so worth it. I see his feet!!! :D Too cute. :D

I hate people who make noise in the theaters. So obnoxious and inconsiderate!!

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

beautiful stitching and great progress on your temari :D I think it's perfect :D

Jenny said...

The temari ball looks great. The colors are really pretty. Well done on PT too, it is such a pretty piece.
Isn't Downtown Abbey the best!? I can't wait for the next season to begin - I have to watch Midsumer Murders while waiting...

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