Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP Wednesday (Cheesy)

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Michael took a business trip to Wisconsin.
He brought back Wisconsin, made from cheese. This was a much better gift than the cheese top hat. An actual top hat. That you're supposed to wear on your head. Yeah.

Hey! Knitting!
I finished the back of the unfortunately-named Origami Turtle! I think I'm going to cast on for both sides of the front at once. But I need to wind some more yarn, so that's going to have to wait for a few days.

I did make a little progress on Dasher.

And I used some precious daylight hours to finally restart the large wings for the Bumblebee.
I briefly tried to rip out the old ones, but that was going to be WAYYYY too much trouble. Fortunately, I had just enough thread-covered wire to make a new pair.

Unfortunately, I am an idiot and started them on the backside. It doesn't really matter, once they are cut out you totally won't be able to tell. Just for grins, here's a closeup of the small ones (with the one I started on the backside).

For more WIP Wednesday eye candy goodness, head over to Tami's Amis!

State-shaped cheese is definitely tastier than regular cheese.


Calophi said...

The state of Wisconsin will not apologize for it's cheese! =D

The bee looks so realistic it's creeping me out.

sadodosah said...

Cheese! What a novel idea. Hope it tastes good. Love the bee!

Sarah ~ Crafts from the Cwtch said...

Gorgeous WIPs - the back of your turtle (!) is looking fab :)

Karen said...

Wow your bee is amazing!

Paula said...

Wow. State-shaped cheese. And Wisconsin, no less. That's pretty complicated. I'm impressed! More impressed with the bee, though. That looks fantastic!

Kathleen said...

I don't know which is more awesome---that bee (ajskldf; thread-covered wire wings, I love it!) or the Wisconsin-shaped cheese, which is amazing and weird. :D

And the Origami Turtle is looking great, too.

Sam Findlay said...

CHEESE!!!! Sorry I love cheese! Also loving dasher!!

Wool Diaries said...

Love the turtle. It's moving along very well. Keep it coming.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

That's an awesome souvenir - almost a shame to cut into it. The "origami turtle" name is starting to grow on me :)

Joyus said...

Lovely WIPs :-D

Unknown said...

I love Wisconsin cheddar, but not as a top hat to wear, I agree.

Your projects look great. Even the wings stitch on the wrong side.

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

Next time, tell your husband to bring home some Culver's...

I love Dasher! You're making great progress.

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