Thursday, August 25, 2011

War of WIPs Call to Arms #6

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I really thought I was going to be proclaiming victory today but--alas and alack!--it was not to be. I actually finished my second Errant Lace sock last night! However, when I held it up to the one that had already been finished, a couple problems stuck out...much like the toe of the sock I had just finished. Even though I wrote notes when I did the first sock, I clearly changed up the toe decreases from what I wrote. Now I have one nice, rounded sock toe (the one that was already done) and one sock toe that looks like it was made for a banana. Since my feet are relatively symmetrical, the toe needs to be redone. I should have taken a picture, but it was late and, as Moaning Myrtle would say, I was DISTRAUGHT.

The second problem was that I seem to have been WAY MORE TENSE as I was finishing this sock. Even though I did the same number of rounds (Notes! I made 'em!) the sock ended up about 3/4" (2 cm) too short. I finally just pulled out the entire toe.

Also! And here is where I really should have taken a picture...these socks look crazy. I mean, the color variations between the two are so insane, it looks like someone made them crazy looking on purpose. It doesn't even look like a mistake. It looks INTENTIONALLY INSANE. Unsurprisingly, this immediately endeared the socks to the hubby (I'm not saying he's crazy, he just likes crazy things...HE MARRIED ME, DIDN'T HE??) while I stared at my feet in disbelief.

So I went to bed waffling between:
  1. I will add like 8 rounds, then reknit the toe (*grumble grumble* have to splice in more yarn 'cause I already cut it *grumble grumble*) and just get them OVER WITH.
  2. I will knit AN ENTIRELY NEW SOCK with the same yarn on bigger needles...the color will be better, since it started to calm down on the foot (top-down, they are). BUT THIS YARN IS SO SPLITTY UGH!
  4. I will knit entirely new socks with this yarn...I have almost 1/2 the ball left! 450m total! I could knit some DANG KNEE SOCKS if I rip these two socks out!
Opinions?? What should I do?? I am mad at these socks and they may need a timeout. After I get them back on some needles. They lay in a pile of ripped-out yarn carnage right now.

But such is the nature of WAR!

Edited to add: I nearly forgot! I did successfully complete the side quest of organizing all my needles! They're all listed in Ravelry now, with the project in the comments if they're currently in service. Although...I know I have some size 9 tips wandering the countryside somewhere...they did not come up in the cataloging of in-service and out-of-service needles. Hmmm....

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Aimee said...

Sounds like maybe future socks should be done in one of the two-at-a-time methods?? :)

Sorry not to be more helpful, but I have zero experience with knitting footwear. So far...

geeky Heather said...

Exactly...I forgot to put that in my rant...THIS IS THE VERY REASON why I will NEVER EVER do anything but two-at-a-time Magic Loop, forever and always amen!

Dani - tkdchick said...

I'm chuckling here!

pinkundine said...

This is why I DON'T make notes *laughs* I measure one sock against the other until they look about right ;) Doesn't always work though!

In answer to your question on my blog, setting Kool Aid dye is simple - microwave the wet yarn. Yup, that's all it takes ;)

Jenny said...


Knee-socks - I am picking knee-socks! Kinda' like Pippi Longstocking! :-)

Delusional Knitter said...

HHmmm, this is why I like to knit two at once ... not on the same needle, I can, but I don't prefer it. I knit both on differnt needles, but like knit cuff, knit other cuff, knit leg, knit other leg and so on. Helps with dreaded tension probs, had that problem with mitts once. The second came out at a different gauge than the first even though it was the same number of rounds. BTW love the phrase: INTENTIONALLY INSANE, LOL!!

I would rip them and start over, but that's me.

Congrats on finishing the side quest, great job!!!

Anonymous said...

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Melanie said...

I would put them in time out until I could make a decision with a clearer head. (Though usually when I do that, I just end up unraveling the whole thing. I think the time out severs my emotions to the project so I just want it to GO AWAY and stop reminding my of my FAIL at that point. lol)

And I also have to say: two at a time, two at a time, two at a time. I get cranky now when I can't do them this way because I'm sooooo reliant at this point on not having to take notes about what I do to one so I can do it to the other, etc.

Mrs Dibble said...

There is something about socks - just like feet - that make them take on a life of their own when being knitted...I tried to two on one needle thingy....FAILED - could not get my head around it even with the help of Youtube....and have now gone to the Delusional Knitter strategy of knitting two at a time but on different needles.....when you calm down go back to them they will be fine

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