Monday, April 12, 2010

March Madness, Week 3

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After a weekend off (you'd think it would be easier for me to stitch on the weekend, but the opposite is true), I drew a slip of paper that said, "Hardanger Ornament". Now, when I wrote that slip, I took it off a WIP list I had made a while ago. I thought to myself, "I wonder what ornament that is! Oh, well, I guess it'll make sense when I open my ornament box." Well, I opened the box, and I still don't have any idea what ornament it meant!! So, I decided to start one of Moss Creek Designs' Hardanger Fancies.I got all the kloster blocks done in one night, and had I not played some games online, I probably could have finished the filling! It looks like these would not take much time to finish at all. It'll probably take me longer to do the holly leaves and berries.

The next night I was feeling under the weather, so I didn't get anything done. My next draw was a beginning lace project, Leafy Scarf.I am fascinated that according to the number of knitting versus stitching projects that I put in the bowl, the probability has come out just about right. There was one knitting project for about every ten stitching projects, and that's about how often I'd drawn them so far. I got about four or five repeats done on this scarf, and I think there are only 30. It's a nice silk blend and very soft. It'll look great once it's blocked! I made myself put in a lifeline (that's the pearl cotton you see woven in there) for practice (and discipline) when I get to more complex lace shawls.

The next day brought another Liz Turner Diehl project, this time in stumpwork.I need to redo at least one of the bee's wings, because my stitching has can see a difference in the buttonhole stitching on the first wing and all the others, and I know it will bug me. But I spent my time working turkey knots (the black and gold loops you see at the bottom of the bee). They are very relaxing!

Another day skipped, but the following day brought another Moss Creek piece:This is her Blackwork Band Sampler, the infamous class after which Teresa rescued me from overpriced hotel food, along with Jill. After a dinner of "cow", two great friendships were born. I had finished the needleweaving section at some point (I know it wasn't during class), but I stitched all the blackwork in my one evening of madness. That section was supposedly taken from Helen of Troy's bracelet, and it made me think of our cruise in the Mediterranean in November, when we got to stop at Athens and Ephesus and explore some remains of ancient Greek civilization. (Yes, yes...I know you want pictures. They're coming sometime.)

The final piece of the week was another new start!!This is Teresa Wentzler's Celtic Cross Bellpull. I've had most of the silks for this forever, although I'm still looking to replace the Silk Mori...'cause I hate that stuff! I got some Soie Cristale on sale (LOVE IT!) but I'm not sure the colors work.

So much fun to revisit (and start!) these projects!! One more week of madness to come...!

Probability loves me. That, or it really, really wants me to start new projects. And if you're not sure what's going on, you might want to check out weeks one and two.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to following your progress on the TW design and I love looking at your knitting!

I've nominated you for a couple of blog awards. You can stop by my blog to pick them up!

Jeanne said...

Great projects all around Heather -that leaf scarf is going to be lovely. Your Moss Creek sampler is perfection - I finished up my first lacis work this year and I was frustrated getting it to look as good as the designer. I could do the needleweaving but my dove's eyes weren't consistent in tension. Guess I need more practice!

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