Sunday, January 18, 2009

Signs of the Apocalypse

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[Editor's note: This post has been languishing for a while! It wanted more pictures, but I'm kicking it out of the queue!]

Number One, I wore a Do-Rag. It was, indeed So Real™. do Rag
Seriously, I did! Of course, you might not have recognized it as such... Yep, that's the above-pictured Do-Rag, with yarn and fun fur painstakingly threaded through every other hole. It "only" took DF Jill and I about 3 hours to make them.

What? Oh, yeah, this was at A Stitcher's Gathering. Now, given that Teresa and Jean have all blogged most splendidly about this topic (yes, it was almost three months ago and I'm just now blogging about it...what's your point??), there's not much left for me to say. Except...

Number Two, I came home with something finished. From a class I took. The last time this happened, it was a punchneedle piece, and that barely counted. It was, after all, punchneedle. But this... Celtic fob ...a bona fide scissors fob? Shocking. Of course, it's not actually fobinated, so maybe you don't need to listen for hoofbeats just yet. This is the practice piece for Rae's Celtic tri-fold necessaire.

There were no tragic Kinnearing attempts this year, but just to show you that I'm still the same art-challenged gal, I'll show you what happened in Catherine Jordan's class. We were going to be painting. Now, I knew that before I went, and I already wished that Michael was going to be there so he could pinch-paint for me. By the way, I really wish I'd taken a picture of Catherine's Jamestown map. As fabulous as her designs are, the photos on her site are horrible. She combines dimensional stitching with painting with super-diluted acrylic paint on linen to achieve some really fantastic results. Here's our class piece: Catherine's piece
So we were supposed to paint some water, and some land. Here's what Jill did: Jill's A nice Caribbean scene. And here's what Debbie, who got there late after nearly being rear-ended did: Debbie's Fabulous, despite her being traumatized. A lot to work with there, once she stitches in the grass, etc.

And now, I give you: The Swamp. swamp Notice how there's not enough water for my ship to float in? Or that my poor whale will be bobbing in a murky bog? Notice the extra ring around the ring? In my defense, every time Catherine walked past me, she said, "Don't be afraid to use lots of water." Since I was keeping my eyes on my own work, I had no comparison for what was happening to my poor linen. And lo, the waters used to be separated by land, water from water, but with too much water on the brush and not enough skill in the painter, they converged on the land and rendered it a boggy disaster. *sigh*

Things went better in Sherri Jones's class, and she was delightful as usual. I've even finished the front of the class piece (another fob):

All in all, it was another fabulous weekend, and I'm more glad than I can say that we were in Hilton Head at a terribly nice resort instead of in Louisville again. Even though I did really miss Lynn's. (Ignore the scaffolding outside the window as you ruminate on "terribly nice resort".)

And, as always, the end came way too soon.

This post was brought to you by the letter "W" in WAY past time it should have been posted. Like I said, I was intending to have more of the kits themselves, but I decided it was time to knock this post out!

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