Monday, January 26, 2009

All Good Gifts

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This picture is from several months ago, when I received wonderful blog candy from Karin. Blog Candy from Karin How could she have known blue was my favorite color?? (Perhaps she is just marginally observant of the many hinting comments I had left on her blog for a while, LOL!!) Aren't these beads fabulous?? I plan to make a necklace (and maybe earrings), but I want to use at least one for a scissors fob as well. The needlecase is just wonderful; look at all that work!

What a coincidence, then, that one of my TWBB Christmas Ornament Exchange ornaments went to Karin! TW Whitework Intermediate Ornament This is Teresa Wentzler's Intermediate Whitework Ornament. Of course, I couldn't do it in all white. =) It was kitted for me by DF Jill. Since Karin likes "sparklie", I put it over gold lame' to show off the drawn thread areas. I also tried something new with the twisted cord by adding beads while I was twisting, to add even more "sparklie". I'm not entirely satisfied with how it came out; the beads are a little too random. I'd like them to be more even. I also wish I'd hung it diamond-shaped rather than square. But overall, I was happy with it and it was rather hard to put it in the mail.

I didn't think I would have time to make many gifts for Christmas (in 2007 I made scarves for my three nieces). However, I did manage a few. I made one of the famous scarves for my mom, since she coveted the ones I'd made for my nieces. I also made one for DF Larissa (ditto on the covet =). Since I gave DF Jill a "big" present for her birthday (tickets to the "So You Think You Can Dance" tour...oh, yes, I need to post those pictures sometime!), she commanded that I was not supposed to give her a Christmas present. Well, I at least wanted to give her something "small"...and since she loves koalas, when I saw this guy on Ravelry, I couldn't help myself. Jill's koala I made some major changes to the pattern; mainly knitting in the round and using worsted weight yarn rather than fingering. I also totally changed the ear construction. When I find where I wrote it all down, I'll add the details to my Ravelry listing.

Jill, in return, was way too generous and gave me a Heart's Content kit that I had (unbeknownst to her) been lusting after for quite a while...featuring my favorite critter...AND the scissors to go with it! I couldn't resist starting on him on New Year's Day (once the last scarf had been given away!) My squirrel

I had to postpone more work on Mr. Squirrel, though, because I had decided I wanted to stitch something for DF Jean's birthday. I got some grace days because we celebrated a little late. I'm afraid she only got the finished needlwork, without it being made into anything (originally it was supposed to be a needleroll). I finished at 11:30 the night before her party! Fortunately, she liked it and told me she had a great frame for it. Sorry for the sub-standard picture...I barely had time to throw it on the scanner before I ran out the door to work the morning of the party! Jean's sheep This is "has lost her sheep" from bearly a bird designs. I thought that phrase was a bit of a downer (especially for someone that loves sheep as much as Jean), so I changed the words.

So at least three of us in blog land are cuddled up with our favorite critters to start the year!

Gifts to and from me.... Sadly, I can't find a picture of the blog candy I sent to Erin...I'm sure I took one...OR of the ornament I gave my niece!!

So what's your favorite cuddly critter?


Erin (moviemuse) said...

I'll see if I can get some pictures for you. (At least I assume you mean me! LOL)

RC said...

If you find where you wrote those ear instructions down in the next couple of days, can you email them to me? I need to finish up a pair of mouse mittens and I absolutely hate the ears they use in the pattern. I've been working on an alternative for days and can't come up with anything. Yours look like they might work! cardinauxATyahooDOTcom.

Thanks! - RC

Annie said...

What a nice array of gifties.
I love the Koala. You are very talented to be able to change the pattern and make something so adorable!

Jean in Georgia said...

I lurves me my sheepie.

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