Saturday, March 22, 2014

Marching into Madnes

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I thought I'd post an update of what I've been working on during March Madness so that my month-end report wouldn't be so long it would require a couple gallons of Gatorade for anyone to make it through.

So, the day I got back from vacation, all tired and sad to be back at work, the Sparkly Compote of Decree decided I needed to frog.
Because that's where Magical Night is at this point. I backstitched the wings in the color called for, but I had changed the fabric to a darker shade, so it didn't really show up very well. So, I'm in the process of ripping it all out. I got a good bit done.

Next, Ye Shall Prosper came up.
This is the pin keep from the set, and I did some boring chain stitch. This is actually an older picture, since I got so little done, it seemed kind of pointless to take a new one!

Les Rubans was next. Here's a shot of the whole piece:
And the bit I did:
That bit is part of a ribbon that I've already finished one section it will look a lot like this when I'm done with it.

Whew, that's a lot of stitching so far. Let's take a quick break while I announce the theme for April!

April Showers
What pieces can you find in your flood of WIPs that include water? Rivers, lakes, oceans, or rain (and anything that lives within).

The idea for this theme actually came from two people! SoCal Debbie and Shebafudge, but since Shebafudge gave us February's theme, the prize is going to go to Debbie this month. Debbie, please send me your snail mail address!

And now, back to the Madness...

Next, an old class piece came up, a Christmas drawn-thread border piece.
This is just the smaller class piece, but I did almost get one whole side done. The picture doesn't show how sparkly it is...all the stitching is done in DMC stranded metallic floss.

Obviously the SCOD was still in a Christmas mood, as the next thing it spit out was this Partridge in a Pear Tree.
It is possible that I've only worked on this piece during March Madnesses Past.

Continuing the theme within the theme), this Hearts and Flowers ornament was next.
It's a 3-sided ornament, and once I get the middle peyote band done, I will have to learn brick stitch to do the six top and bottom panels!

You'll see the rest of the projects I worked on on April 1st! (No foolin'!)

In case you missed it amongst all the pictures, the theme for April is April Showers!


Beth said...

Hope you enjoyed your vacation. Am really liking your partridge!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Well done Debbie for April Showers, I think we might see a lot of mermaids next month!

I love the Pegasus even if all you did was frog this month.

I've managed 9 different projects this month. If I stitch on another six I will have averaged one every two days which is my target for March Madness!

Julie said...

A great assortment of projects you've been working on this month, love the beading work.

Anne said...

Loads of great stitching you got going on Heather!! Madness indeed!! I always feel sad after a vacation...hard to go back to work. Great idea for April! We get loads of rain during April!!

SoCal Debbie said...

Oh how exciting that you liked my suggestion! Your needlepoint and drawn thread WIPs look so fancy! I hope the partridge doesn't have to wait another year before you stitch on it again!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Magical night will be worth all the work!

Jeanne said...

That's an amazingly magical piece you're stitching with the flying horse and so much white & gray which aren't always fun to do. Looking good! You made good progress with your theme this month.

Melanie said...

Bleh. Frogging is never fun. At least it's just the back stitching, I guess? :(

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