Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Theme-a-licious Monochrome May Check in

I haven't been moving through my projects as fast as I would have liked this month. Part of it was because I've been working to get things done for the giveaways I've had. One of them was something stitched all in blue. I can't show it yet, because I just mailed things off today and I want it to be a surprise, but here's a little peek...

Once that was finished, I was able to start filling in spaces on Toccata I.
I'm so far behind!! Since it's May, I should have five rows done to be on track for getting it done this year. Fortunately, the rows don't take too long. And they're really fun.

I also made a BIG START on my ornament for the month:
WOO. Aren't you impressed??? I know it's not blue, but it is monochrome. =)

So how is May going? Is your stitching feeling monotonous, or is it easier to see your progress when it's all one color? Please add your link below (to your check in post), and visit some other Themers if you can (everyone loves comments and encouragement!) Our next post will be on the 31st of May, when we'll wrap up Monochrome May and talk about Jumanji June!

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2. Serendipitous Jo - Theme and Anti-theme
3. Katie
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Shirlee said...

Yes, impressive start on that ornament ... lol! You are way farther on anything than I am right now : )

xstitchatoz said...

I still love these socks! They look like two blue braided loaves side by side, afterthought heels or not :) And the ornament is gorgeous, practically finished, isn`t it?

Lynda Hardy said...

Toccata I is beautiful and looks like a total blast to stitch!

Topcho said...

All pretties! Aw, and I still can'r even make my mind on a MM project! >.>

Dani - tkdchick said...

I enjoy your toccata progress

Nic said...

Looking good.
I've joined in with you this month, but to keep things consistent I have again not gotten around to posting and linking my progress :)

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