Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crazy Challenge, Weekend 2

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These pictures still won't be the greatest, because even though I took them AT HIGH NOON, there's still not a lot of light around here (totally overcast, although you'd think the snow would be reflecting all light...).

This weekend I decided to start Emie Bishop's Eight-Pointed Star, from the Just Cross Stitch 1997 Ornament Issue. I "cheated" and started it Friday night (that's in quotes because I MAKE THE RULES AROUND HERE and if I decide Friday night's part of the weekend, then BY GOLLY IT IS.) I kitted this eons ago; that light blue thread is a cool Vicki Clayton thread that she doesn't even make anymore. It is overdyed with a metallic fabric paint! Kind of uneven in texture ("stiff" in places) but it creates a really neat effect.
I had almost no time to work on it Saturday due to "destroying Christmas" (as the hubby said. The first time I mentioned taking down the tree he asked, "Why do you hate Christmas now?") and then dinner for DF Jean's birthday and late-night grocery shopping before SNOWPOCALYPSE. Sunday after church we had lunch with a friend who teaches in India and is in town for a few weeks, followed by Settlers of Catan with the in-laws. I technically won the first game, but the hubby forgot to tell us all the rules, so MIL ended up winning. That's OK, it's her birthday. =D FIL skunked us all on the second game by SHAMELESSLY HIDING HIS CARDS. Then we dashed home before the snow started.

Saturday in between boxes of ornaments, I got a couple courtesy rows done on the Squirrel Fob (it needs daylight, remember). Here's where the little fella stands:

In preparation for a snow day Monday, I decided to haul out Mystery 2 (Convents Herbal Garden). However, no snow day for me yesterday, or today...even though the building is now officially closed, we're all "strongly encouraged" to work from home. =( I did put in a few stitches last night while being mesmerized by the bright yellow socks of the Ducks.
This picture is very BLUE. I "need" to finish that upper-left garden this month to stay on track, I think.

Before the game, I pulled out some knitting while watching "The Cape" (verdict: We'll probably try a couple more episodes). I think Monday Night Knitting might be a good thing...generally there's a lot of good TV to take my attention, and knitting is usually a bit more mindless. Plus, it'll let me still touch knitting while being challenged. Here's a crappy picture of Jared Flood's Hemlock Ring Blanket:

Finally, Advantage #2398 of working from home: Attractively styled snacks courtesy of the hubby..

Snow != extra stitching time when you can work from home.


Jackie's Stitches said...

Your snack is adorable! Great WIPS too and your pictures of the Hemlock is fantastic.

Delusional Knitter said...

I consider Friday night as part of the weekend too!

I've always wanted to make the hemlock ring, looking forward to seeing your's grow.

I did not get to watch the Cape, am planning on it though to see how it goes.

Love the snacks!!!

Jean in Georgia said...

Friday night is the official start of the weekend.

That's just how it is.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your hubby makes snacks??? He's a keeper!

Unknown said...

Love the squirrelly! AND the fact that you played Settlers... why haven't the Dunlaps had the honor of trading sheep, wood, wheat, wool, brick, and rock with you all? Hmmm... this must be scheduled.

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

All your challenge pieces are beautiful; I especially loved the knitted blanket - it's beautiful!

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