Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I found them!

I found pictures of Erin's blog candy (don't know why I forgot to link to her yesterday!) She had asked for "something beady" (given that choice, "something stitchy" or "something knitty"), so I made her some stitch markers (for needlework) and a bookmark (which I liked so much I need to copy for myself!) The book was part of her blog candy, since I knew one of her 1001 things was to read a manga, this is one of the very few "standalone" manga I know, I love the authors' work, and it was on the clearance table for a steal! =) Sadly, I futzed around with the bookmark FOREVER! Construction, what the tassle should look like...it all seemed to flummox me! But I love how it turned out!

Oh, mercy, I am sooo tired today. Last night I was awake from about 3-5:30 or 6...getting tenser by the moment 'cause I couldn't fall back to sleep! It wouldn't be so tragic if I hadn't gone to bed so late Sunday night and woken up early Monday, losing about 2 hours sleep there as well. I'm destroyed today. I hope I can catch up before this weekend, because DFs Teresa and Ann are coming into town and we have a wonderful but busy schedule that I'd like to enjoy. That'll be impossible if I'm this tired.... Based on past experiences, I wouldn't even remember anything we did if I'm still this tired!


Erin (moviemuse) said...

Stitch markers rock! I'll be using them the next time I pull out Midsummer Night's Fairy (hey, they even match her, cool). I love how the bookmark turned out, too! That's actually a great photo of it. I hate that I have to keep it in the bedroom, otherwise it would become a kitty snack, which would make me very sad. But that also means I get to see it every night before bed and think of how wonderful Heather is! :-)

Annette said...

Can I put "Get way cool stitch markers from Heather" on my 101 List? Please!! LOL

Jean in Georgia said...

Oh heck, Teresa and I are loud enough to keep you awake... no worries.

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