Friday, January 23, 2009


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Kathy very kindly gave me this award!

I have known Kathy for...10 years, is it?? I think we met at Spirit of Cross Stitch in 1998, but I could have the year wrong. She knew I was looking for "Companions" by Teresa Wentzler, and she happened to find it in the stash exchange (she was wayyyy ahead of me in the line!) and grabbed it for me. And someday I will actually finish it, LOL!!

As I understand it, I am supposed to list five addictions and five other fabulous blogs. Hmmm...I am having a little trouble coming up with addictions. That's so strong of a word! My "addictions," what I would call things that I seek to do in exclusion of anything else, I hope, tend to be temporary in nature. For instance, I may not be able to "put down" a good book, but then that book is done. So I guess I'm listing things that have made me at least temporarily set aside anything else...
  1. Puzzle games
  2. a TV series on DVD (sadly)
  3. a really good book
  4. Needlework
  5. Chocolate
I would say 4 and 5 are more "enduring" addictions, LOL!

I hate singling blogs out, because you're all fabulous =), but I also love getting awards and suspect that others do, too. So, please peruse my sidebar for all the fabulous blogs I follow, but here is who gets the award this time around (I'm trying for people who don't have the award yet and who I've not awarded recently):
  1. Yuko - I just recently found her blog, and as I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Japan in 2003, I love seeing her pictures of her country as well as her fabulous unique craft style.

  2. Afford Your Passions - That is her current blog, but please visit her new space starting February 1...she's having a giveaway celebration! I expect the new blog to be just as fabulous as the old. =) She always has many pretty needlework finishes!

  3. Annette's Acre - More fabulous needlework eye candy.

  4. In THIS Life - Aimee raises some fabulous children, does some fabulous dyeing, crochets some fabulous stuff and otherwise posts thoughtful stuff. We may not always agree, but she always makes me think!

  5. mainley stitching - Barbara's continual stream of lovely eye candy and fabulous storytelling make her blog worth reading any day. And, it's just nice to be able to tag her with an award before anyone else, LOL!

Whew! It's always so difficult to narrow things down!!

Speaking of fabulous, how fabulous was the season premiere of LOST??!?


mainely stitching said...

Oh, thank you! :D I'll respond in my next post which will have yet another picture of my NE village. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Aww, thanks, Heather! I love people with whom I can disagree agreeably. (Plus, you're creative and musical and all that, so you're mostly right, you know.) ;)

I shall have to think on my responsive post and awarding...

Yuko said...

Thank you Heather for this wonderful award!
Have you been to Japan?!
Oh! I'm happy that you liked my country!
When I have nothing to post about cross stitching, I will share some photos of my country (LOL), so please stay tuned!

Thanks a lot!!

Lelia said...

so please share ... what books have your been unable to put down lately?

I was on a stretch of ... 'not as great as I thought they'd be' until the end of 2008.

I"m nearing the end of Edgar Sawtelle right now (audio) while I get thru the household chores

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

Thank you for the blog award, Heather! I'll respond in my blog in the next week or so!

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