Thursday, October 30, 2008

Quick Update

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I'm back from ASG! I had a fabulous time; I'll give you a full report later. Wednesday night I was so exhausted by 9:30pm that I couldn't finish packing (and I'm usually the "stay up 'til midnight to finish" type), and trundled off to bed & Nyquil (praise God for Nyquil!!) hoping I could finish in the morning. I barely made it with 20 minutes to spare before the Party Van (tm) arrived to whisk me to Hilton Head. Thursday night I was exhausted again, but the good news is that I got a good night's sleep, felt pretty good Friday and GREAT Saturday...and usually I'm tanked by Saturday at ASG. Hmmm, that sleep thing really works, huh?? This week I've been slammed with work as usual, and the start of Christmas choir season, but I hope to find time this weekend amongst dealing with the tasks I've neglected for the past three weekends to blog!!

I'll also continue my Chicago adventures. To answer some questions, indystitch, our tour docent was a female, so unless John can do some amazing drag, it wasn't him. =) Also, that was the Cultural Center with the fabulous blue dome ceiling. I highly recommend a visit; the mosaic tile work is incredible!!

Speaking of the mosaics, no one has even made a guess about the fictional character whose symbol I posted, so here's another huge hint: My XBox gamer tag came from the series where that charcter was created.

And one more's your chance to make a guess at which intelligence type I came out as in the Eight Types of Intelligence Test. Anyone? I was completely unsurprised by the result, LOL!!

I'm alive, feeling better, and my vacation recaps will continue soon. And, it's still not too late for blog candy!

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