Thursday, October 23, 2008

Off again..

Due to the fabulous Lott family scheduling of the Chicago trip, I'm already off again...this weekend to Hilton Head for my yearly ASG trip.

I've barely gotten the laundry done, since last Thursday I came down with a terrible cold (sinus infection?) that had me in bed Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I hobbled back to work Monday, but I don't know how much use I was. Tuesday when we walked to lunch, I thought I'd pass out. Today I feel so much better. Still weak, but ready for a rowdy weekend of stitching. Or something like that.

Jean comes to pick me up in the Party Van (tm) in...oh...about 14 hours as I write this (about 2 hours as it's posted), and I have not packed a thing. I better get on that! Eye candy, scary needle stories and more Chicago tales when I return!


Anonymous said...

I am SO!!!!! envious of your rowdy stitching weekend. I hope you feel much better and have a great time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun at your retreat, Heather! I was looking at the brochure for it just a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t planning on attending this year, but have it on my list for consideration for next year. I can’t wait to see all your yummy pictures that I hope you’re planning to share with us!

I'm sorry you've been ill. :(

Karin said...


I *finally* have your blog candy/PIF gift ready - my apologoies for taking many months to get it ready. However, I've misplaced your addy to send it to you - can you mail me at caycay at shaw dot ca?

Dani - tkdchick said...

Have fun I'm hoping for a full report!

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