Friday, October 31, 2008


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Really, this test was hilarious to take...if for nothing else than the "advice" that pops up throughout the test for surviving....

Your result for How Long Would you Survive in a Horror Film?...

The Horror Aficionado

54% chance of survival!

Sometimes known as "the wise guy" or "the totally platonic best friend". This character is usually either the most likeable or most excruciatingly annoying character in the movie, because he's almost always the comic relief (or lack thereof). Sometimes he is the first to die because he figures out what's going on, tries to escape and is killed. However, the horror aficionado will more likely use his knowledge to devise the plan that eliminates the threat. That means he survives until the end where he ends up dying as a sacrifice so that the heroine can carry out the plan. Though he tends to lack a backbone, you do feel somewhat bad when he dies.

All possible results:


The Black Guy

The Horror Aficionado

The Hero/Heroine

The Killer

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Oh, fine. Kill the funny girl.


Jill said...

I'm counting on you to figure out what's going on and save me from the horror film! I can't picture you as excruciatingly annoying, so you must be likeable. Happy Halloween!

Jean in Georgia said...

Oh kewl. You and I will survive only to figure out something for someone else. We obviously need to reprogram the Kobyiashi Maru.

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