Friday, January 18, 2008

What jury duty is good for

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Aparently, finishing about half a foot of a sock.

I didn't get selected for a jury, by the way. I didn't even get put on a panel of potential jurors, and my county has a "One Day, One Trial" policy, so I didn't have to go back the next day. The only kind of sad thing was that I missed the first day in my company's brand-new offices (jury duty was Dec. 10...why, yes, I am behind! And, yes, I did just graft the toe.). Oh, well. Everyone was just as confused the second day in the office!!

Civic duty = sock


Jean in Georgia said...

I haven't been called for jury duty in years. Of course, I have now just jinxed myself.

Nice sock tho.

Jill said...

Hippopotamus! There you are!!!! So beautiful. Finally....

Anonymous said...

Very cute sock!

I've never been called for jury duty. Just lucky, I guess.

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