Sunday, April 22, 2018

Atlanta Blooms 2018

Let's take another break from stitching and look at some lovely tulips! Every year, the Atlanta Botanical Garden plants thousands of bulbs.

They generally bloom from mid-February through the end of March. This makes early March a particularly good time to visit the Garden, since Orchid Daze, which starts in February, is also still going on. The pictures in this post were taken on March 10th this year. Some of the tulips had already finished blooming, and there were a few that still had not bloomed.

I love the ombre effect they created around the great lawn.

Here's a closeup. I'm not usually a fan of orange, but I love these orange/pink tulips.

You can still have color even if you are constrained to container gardening!

The flower walk back to the fabulous new Skyline Garden was my favorite this year, though.

There were some really amazing varieties of tulips back there. Time for the pictures to do the talking....

It was a real rainbow of colors!

I love the frilly pink edges of these tulips!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some highlights of Atlanta Blooms!


Brigitte said...

I love tulips, and to see them on fields is just gorgeous. There are so many different ones.

rosey175 said...

Aaa so beautiful! I love the darker two-toned ones in the ombre effect picture. And the frilly ones. And all of them. :D Botanical gardens are so awesome to visit anytime but spring is certainly spectacular.

Jackie's Stitches said...

I just adore tulips! I think my favorites are the very pale pink ones closely followed by the orange/pink. So different from each other but all are stunning.

woolwoman said...

always a pleasure to see your shots of the exhibits at the gardens! Your prior post was full of fun and interesting projects. Loved the hardanger one. Another weekend is almost here ! WHEEEE Mel

Julie said...

Wonderful array of blooms, thanks for taking me on your wander.

Leonore Winterer said...

Wow, these are gorgeous! I didn't even realize tulips came in that many different colours and shapes.

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