Saturday, May 21, 2016

Starting Somewhere and Ending Elsewhere

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I originally started this post as a Gifted Gorgeousness post, but somewhere along the way I lost steam (and my shoehorn), so this is going to be more like a pre-IHSW post. I have fallen sadly behind in stitching Curios (a Kathy Rees mystery "class")...part 2 was released at the beginning of the month, but I am still only on section 4 of 6 in part 1!
That blank square is supposed to be blank, or I'd be even further behind!

The reason I have stalled so much is because I have two upcoming deadlines. The first is the end of Loopy Academy Sophomore Semester Two, so I am desperately trying to finish the last project (twisted stitches, with self-imposed Fair Isle):
I have made it past the "Fair Isle" (that's in quotes because I was knitting with three colors at once on some rounds...and I think Fair Isle is only technically two colors at once). I'm now on to the more relaxing twisted stitches. I know what you're thinking...that doesn't look very relaxing! Well, I've done plenty of cables in the past (I loved the way they looked and learned to do them almost immediately after learning to knit), and I cable without a cable needle, so I'm in much more comfortable territory now.

The other deadline I have coming up is for A Stitchers' Gathering (hosted by Moss Creek Designs). The project is inspired by Downton Abbey; we are doing the pre-stitching for Lady Violet's Parasol, which will be a needlebook. We're assembling it in class; for now I am stitching bitty fiddly violets, pulled thread and endless chain stitch. This is one panel (there are eight!!! =O )
I did finish the nameplate (omigosh, I dated it, so I have to finish it now!!) and the finial top.
But my violets on the finial top look funky because I was looking at the wrong diagram for the buttonhole bar violets like a chucklehead and made way more trouble for myself than I needed to! If I get everything else done, I may redo them. The main hurdle with this project is that my extreme closeup vision means I can only comfortably stitch on this without my contacts no stitching in front of the TV at night. It's kind of relegated to my day off!

I think I can get all this done!!

Stitching deadlines always make it seem like I am stitching much slower....


Tiffstitch said...

Yikes, the last one sounds like a lot of effort, but I'm sure it will look amazing when complete.

Bea said...

Those are terrific projects. You do kinda remind me of a stitch piece I did for a friend "If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done". Good luck with it all.

Kerryp77 said...

I'm always better when I stitch to a proper deadline. If it's a self given deadline I tend to move it. The violets look so delicate looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for attempting to take part in GG this month!!

The violets look very fiddly and eight of them? Wow!

I do find deadlines help, I am very much a down-to-the-wire person.

Heather said...

Lovely progress :)

KimM said...

Lovely progress - I really like the Downton Abbey design...looking forward to seeing it completed.

Julie said...

Stunning knitting, that does look fabulous

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