Friday, February 15, 2013

Theme-a-licious Figural February Check-In

Happy Late Valentine's Day, everybody! I am, once again, ridiculously behind on email/blog reading AND have a sinus infection. 2012, I thought we handled all this business already? Why are you invading 2013 with your germ-riddled time-warp nonsense??!?

Anyway! Let's get on with the update...

Remember how I took the picture of Autumn Queen at the beginning of the month, so that I could look back and see how much progress I'd made by comparing it to where I ended up? So I could feel good about how much I'd done?

Well, I'm going to wait until the end of the month to do that, because I'm pretty sure this one looks shockingly like that first one, except better lit.

I'm still plugging along on my ornament, which I thought was so small it was a lot like cheating, but now seems nothing like cheating...

I know, there's no snowman there yet, but HE'S COMING! The blue, by the way, is some mystery silk pearl (somewhere between #12 and #8) that I grabbed out of my stash in lieu of the DMC the chart called for. I finally unraveled the tag that was wrapped around it, since it is some of THE MOST gorgeous, soft, wonderful silk I've used. It's by Alyce Schroth. I Googled her and I don't think she makes it anymore. I have NO IDEA where I got it. Has anyone else used this wonderful stuff?

So how are your WIPs figuring into things this month? Please add your link below (to your check-in post), and visit some other Themers if you can (everyone loves comments and encouragement!) Our next post will be on the 28th of February, when we'll wrap up Figural February and talk about March Madness!

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Chris said...

Sorry about the sinus thing. Gorgeous stitches..I love snowmen :)

Kerryp77 said...

I love the border on the snowman, I'm sure there is progress on Autumn queen too. Have a great weekend.

Anne said...

Aw sinus infections are the worst. I hope you feel better soon Heather! Love the border with that silk. Never worked or heard of her silks before.

Karen said...

I love the colors in Autumn Queen. Looking forward to your progress on it.

I posted my first mid-month check in. Thanks for the assistance!

Nic said...

Hope the sinuses clear up soon.
The stitching is looking good. I haven't picked up the project I was planning on working on this month yet, so I'll miss the mid-month update and just post at the end of the month I think. Actually, that's robably what I'll end up doing most months - coz I'm slack like that ;)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Sorry that you're poorly too. I'm just getting over mine. I'll have a better end-of-month post hopefully!

Laura said...

Hope your sinuses feel better soon. Your stitching looks great to me, I look forward to seeing the snowman emerge.

Katie said...

I hope your sinus infection clears up soon. I like the rice stitches in the border of the ornament.

Gillie said...

Sickness, get thee gone! I had a sinus infection right in the middle of the move, thank you, no need for another, then I got flu and a spasming? back in January so feel your pain, Heather! Actually have a figure finish!!

Maggee said...

Just got rid of strep/sinus infection, but luckily it did not get to my chest! It's that time of the year! Just wanted to say a friend who is de-stashing gifted me with a bunch of silk by Alyce Schroth, but I have not yet used it. Look forward to it now, after your review! Hugs!

Yana Hanim said...

just posted mine.. sorry I hope not too late :)

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