Monday, October 17, 2011

The Geekend That Was, 10/16

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I have just completed what was probably the most unhealthy 48 hours (eating-wise) in history. Saturday was technically a day of prayer and fasting for our church. Now, I really cannot completely fast; my blood sugar drops to nothing and I pretty much go comatose. But I did try to eat less; this translated into a granola bar and a cup of Greek yogurt...after working out. Have I mentioned I am completely out of shape after three weeks of almost-getting-a-sinus-infection (i.e., sitting around being pitiful)? I was not doing well by 6pm (end of fast), but the bison burger from Yeah! Burger did a lot to cure me. At least all that organic locally-grown stuff was healthy, even if a giant burger doesn't necessarily scream, "Good eating choices!!" But it's OK, I HAD LETTUCE ON IT!

Sunday my company sponsored a day at Six Flags over Georgia for us. I have mixed feelings about Six Flags. It's got great roller coasters, and the park's setting is beautiful, with all the trees,'s dirty. Run-down. Cheaply constructed. The staff really doesn't care. Rides load inefficiently. I want to be loyal because it's my hometown park, but I really spend the whole time wishing I were at Disney World. We left right after church, and with our FREE! refillable soda bottle (ironically called a "sports bottle"), I proceeded to consume:
  • half a cup of Coke
  • half a bag of popcorn
  • half a cup of strawberry soda
  • finally, at 3:00, "picnic" food: barbecue pork, baked beans and a cookie
  • another half cup of strawberry soda (because: FREE. STRAWBERRY. SODA. Have I mentioned that if I were an animal, I'd be a hummingbird?
  • half a cup of artificial-flavored-and-sweetened fizzy water
  • a couple sips of Powerade (because: sports bottle. Now it all makes sense!)

When we got home at 10pm, I ate an egg, some dried fruit and nuts and some string cheese (because 7 hours without protein is a long time for me). Second healthiest meal of the weekend.

I am only moderately sore today from the roller-coaster punishment I put my body through. My crazy friends convinced me to ride in the front of most of the coasters (it's amazing how peer pressure, even at my age, can override my fear of heights). I screamed like a banshee the ENTIRE ride. Every time. I found it a great way to release my TERROR at hurtling through space without the comfort of other seats in front of me. (I really do love roller coasters, but not feeling like I'm going to die by being flung out into space.) I have my cheerleading training to thank for not having laryngitis today, I surmise.

Has anyone seen a vegetable? I've forgotten what they look like.


Parsley said...

Giggling at your nutrition...sounds like me! Oh and I do love coasters too but nothing compares to the magic of Disney.

Vanessa said...

My family and I used to go to the Six Flags in NJ. We stopped after we visited Disney World one year. After we saw how everything is nice and neat and well maintained, we just couldn't enjoy ourselves at Six Flags after that. I'm not a Disney fanatic (or much of a fan, really) but they do know how to run a great theme park.

Unknown said...

Yay! I'm not the only one!

P.S. Sometimes I really wish humans didn't need to eat at all...stupid food making us gain weight.

Delusional Knitter said...

LOL! Sounds like fun. I find I am rubbish without protein, my body so craves it. Muscle aches and strains ensue when I don't have protein!

Melanie said...

I would be weak in the face of strawberry soda as well. :)

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