Wednesday, March 14, 2018

March Madness Continues

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When last we left March Madness, I had been to see some lovely tulips (pictures coming, really!) and was about to settle down to stitch. You would think that Daylight Saving Time would mean that I would have extra stitching time in the evening, or at least that I'd be able to get a picture of my stitching with good lighting. But alas, Saturday night and Sunday were rainy, so please excuse this shot of She Maketh Fine Linen, which is a series of smalls by Moss Creek Designs:

Strangely, the Sparkly Compote of Decree chose another Moss Creek Design the next day, Spring Garden Gate:
I'm feeling like this should stay in rotation after March Madness. And after I finish Loopy Academy Senior Year.

Speaking of which, after a Monday where I was too exhausted to stitch (Mondays are definitely not good for March Madness), the SCOD gave me a magic blank slip!
This means I can pick whatever I want to stitch! In an uncharacteristic move, I decided to be responsible and start my third project for Loopy Academy.
Behold, my stunning progress! I spent most of the time doing the gauge swatch with this laceweight yarn, so I only managed to cast on and do a couple rows. Plus, I need to find some beads for this shawl, but I kinda thought it would be longer than 48 stitches in before I needed them.

Three more March Madness projects!

And for those of you who read to the end and are paying VERY close attention, you might notice a slip of paper off to the side in that shot of the SCOD...I might have drawn that one first and freaked out when I saw it...but I'm going to tackle it on Friday...maybe....


Tiffstitch said...

Nice progress and love that yarn! I'm almost done my 2nd fingering weight shawl of the year and I'm looking forward to getting back to DK or something a little thicker. It's lovely and all, but wow is it slippy!

Kaisievic said...

ooh, I love your Sparkly Compote of Decree - what a great idea!

Julie said...

Spring garden gate is so pretty.

Brigitte said...

I love your idea of the little paper slips telling you which project to stitch on next. It's just the same as my random number rotation and must be just as much fun.
Spring Garden Gate looks like a wonderful project now that spring has started. And the colour of your knitting project is just gorgeous.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice work on the Moss Creek, very seasonal!
I like the way you overrule the SCOD to fit your stitching time.

woolwoman said...

spring garden gate is adorable! enjoying the march madness - mel

Jackie's Stitches said...

I definitely think Spring Garden Gate should stay in rotation after March Madness! It's a beautiful piece and so are the companion pieces.

Leonore Winterer said...

Great progress on your March Madness! I love the yarn on your new stitching progress, and I admire you for actually knitting gauge swatches...I usually just jump right in and that does not always do well.

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