Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sadness and Random Crafting

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Thank you for your commiserations on the Super Bowl. Before the game, I did some "old school" crafting with Shrinky Dinks.
I ended up with some earrings that I wore to work on Monday, which was gray and rainy as the sky wept for the Falcons. We're still proud of them, though, and hope the Brotherhood will Rise Up again next year!

I attempted to stitch on Curios during the game...
but since I spent all except the first quarter and the beginning of the third quarter standing up or pacing, I didn't get a lot done!

I tried something new last week...embroidery on felt. This is completely Amy's fault (I get in a lot of trouble following her blog), as she showed a "maid-a-milking" she was working on, and of course, I had to go check it out, since I love 12 Days of Christmas ornaments!
Here's a link to the designer's blog, in case you want to be enabled, too. =) Her pattern instructions are GREAT; the only tiny complaint I have is that she doesn't give you the felt color names/DMC numbers that she used for each ornament in the directions. However, she is very responsive to questions; I asked one on her blog and she answered that day!

I found this picture and had to post it because so many of you complimented my color choices on my Butterfly Wing shawl.
I replied to most of you that my pajamas had subliminally influenced my color choices...this is the moment when I was knitting and looked down and realized I'm not so brilliant after all!!

The Falcons may have lost the Super Bowl, but they're still winners to us! And after all, we get to live in beautiful Atlanta with the League Most Valuable Player instead of having to live in frigid Boston with a guy who doesn't know how to handle his balls.


KimM said...

My condolences about your Falcons. Lovely stitching and pretty earrings...

Julie said...

Lovely feltwork and the canvas project is coming along beautifully.

woolwoman said...

your Curios is looking great - did you put that on your duClay challenge this year? it's past the deadline but we can probably squeeze you in if you didn't. Another gal in the chapter is doing those 12 days felt ornaments - gorgeous aren't they! I think more and more are branching out into wool applique, surface embroidery etc etc. Just more to love right! hope you have a great week - Mel

Tiffstitch said...

Beautiful work with the felt and your earrings! I do love your colourway on Curios!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Those 12 Days Ornies are freaking adorable! I really need someone to make them for me.

jocondine said...

On every blog I find 12DoXmas projects, but those are new to me, this pear looks great and felt is a good way too for ornaments, must keep an eye on this. xxx

Heather said...

lol I love the jiffnote comment. I was so into the game I ended up so how being off by 4 threads on my page gridding! No clue how I managed that

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