Monday, July 28, 2014

The Geekend That Was, 7/27

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Gee willikers, it's been a long time since I've done a Geekend post...the last time was in November!!

Neither Michael nor I were feeling great this weekend, plus it was hot, so there was a lot more indoor time than outdoor. We managed to make it out on Saturday to try a new place near us for lunch...
Amelie's is a French Bakery with a couple locations in the Carolinas. We had a roast beef sandwich on a croissant, carrot ginger soup, tea, and some dessert...
Overall, the food was good but not earth-shattering, and I thought it was slightly overpriced. The cream puff you see there was a good representation of the quality...the pastry was a little overcooked, but it was the best-filled cream puff I've ever had. There were no air pockets in this baby! The blueberry tart was good but not as flavorful as it should have been. We'll probably give them another try; especially since they are so close to us and will eventually be open 24 hours.

From there, we went to a place we'd driven by a few times, Crafted Westside, filled with art and goods made by local craftsmen (and women =). We ogled some nice art, but ended up just coming away with some macarons (please stop saying "macaroon," everyone!) and a nice piece of jewelry.
Here's a closeup of the jewelry:
I failed to capture how sparkly the amethyst is!

On Saturday afternoon and Sunday after church, we succumbed to playing the Destiny Beta (and, rats, it was fun, so now I want to preorder it!) I wasn't completely unproductive; I did make a cake that I read about on pepperknit's blog...a Cherry Olive Oil Polenta cake!

I didn't have a 10 inch pan, so I used a 9 inch one.
Maybe that's why mine came out so much taller than hers! Or maybe it was because I used cherries instead of a juicier fruit.
It's pretty good, but the jury's still out on whether I'd make it again or not. More research and sampling is needed. =)

There was also some stitching, but you're going to have to wait for all the month-end updates to see it!

This weekend: Food. Next weekend: Exercise.


Bea said...

Sounds like a nice, relaxed weekend. Your cake looks very tasty - has the jury reached a decision yet? Beautiful piece of jewelry.

Julie said...

Yummy looking puddings.

Melanie said...

So much good stuff but NOM NOM NOM macaron. Man, I love those.

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