Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Geekend That Was, 4/7

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Whew, I disappeared there for a little bit! I had a great Easter, celebrating with my family after a glorious morning service with full organ. (Bonus: The postlude was Widor's Tocatta, which was used as the recessional music at our wedding. I LOVE this piece of music...it sounds like all the angels in heaven singing!!)

I have no good excuse for disappearing this past week other than Spring. Now, I LOVE Spring, but it does bring some allergies which throw me off my game. Plus March Madness always exhausts me. I guess I just needed a little break.

Speaking of March Madness, here is the last project the Sparkly Compote of Decree gave me:
I may or may not have actually worked on this on April 1st.

I've also managed a couple squares on Tocatta I:

This weekend, we had THE most gorgeous weather...bright sunshine and a high of 70 (F).
I love the color of this crab apple!

The cherry trees were in full bloom; they are just starting to drop their petals like a magic warm snow shower whenever a nice breeze hits them.

We spent part of Sunday at the Botanical Gardens, where there were even MORE tulips. I couldn't believe it!
Yes, I know this is not a tulip. =) I love hyacinths, too, and the color on this one was amazing. Now on with the tulips!

I'm not normally a big fan of orange, but these were beautiful. Looked kind of like the Michigan/Syracuse game. ;)
These rows of red and white tulips were planted in the edible garden area. I guess that's the reason they felt they needed to post this sign:
MAY be toxic. Take your chances on the non-delicious tulips, folks!!
There were so many gorgeous color groups!
Self portraits are the best. =)

I would like to tell you that Sunday, we went down to Centennial Olympic Park and enjoyed the carnival rides and free concerts (Sting! Dave Matthews Band! STING!!!) that were there on account of the Final Four, but we couldn't muster up the energy. We did get a few things done around the house, which was really nice.

And also this:


I aim to have it done so I can wear it to Stitches South next Friday. Maybe I can finger it while I try not to buy all the yarn in the place.

Once again, I let the pretty flowers distract you from the lack of other content.


Chris said...

Wonderful update! Great stitching, wonderful flowers and great self portrait.
I hope that the allergies are better.

Annie said...

Ahh.. the double whammy of spring finally arriving and bringing with it a boatload of pollens. I'm living that dream right now!

That sweater will be beautiful. Yes, sewing together is the hardest part, but it's key to go slowly since when they are not sewn well, it really ruins the look. You are so accomplished, I'm sure yours will be gorgeous!

Gillie said...

Mm, thought March Madness was really your undoing looking at your picture of the hyacinth with tulip written underneath. You are SURE you know the difference? :)

Always makes me wonder why you get to live in Atlanta with all that blossom and I get to live further north :(. Was going to have another quick look but fear I may break down and cry, lol!

Ziggyeor said...

LOL we can blame allergies on anything. Nice Hyacinth. It's a gorgeous day out here and I hope to go for a walk or do something outside if my allergies don't kill me first.

♥ Nia said...

I wouldn't eat them but for sure I love to look at those beautiful tulips :D
Great pics! thanks for sharing :D

steph said...

what a glorious spring you are having !!! I'm tickled with just a couple daffs in bloom!

I just came back from a quick visit to my local quilt shop----to pick up some #8 embroidery thread...had the hankerin' to embroider. (hope all my unfinished knitting projects don't mind!)

Annette-California said...

Love all those flowers. Thank you for all the photos of them. Beautiful. And such a hansom couple:) pretty stitching - that Bee chart is calling to me. love Annette

Melanie said...

Oh my goodness, love all the flower pics. It's barely above freezing here and I'm officially jealous.

I don't mind seaming but I think I'm probably in the minority on that. ;)

FaithEllen said...

I hate seaming with the power of 10 million suns, and I too thought my sweater-making days were over. Look for "top down" sweater patterns -- all in one piece, and if there's any seaming, it's like the armpit, which, well, ARMPIT.

geeky Heather said...

ROTFLOL!! FaithEllen, I love "the power of 10 million suns"...EXACTLY!! I will look for top down patterns. As long as the armpit doesn't go so badly that I'm like Ralphie's little brother..."MOOOOOM! I can't put my arms down!!!"

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I really like the Toccata piece, please stitch more!
It's great to see a photo of you too, they seem to be rarer than the sun in these parts!

Every Spring I think to myself "I must plant more bulbs this year" then every Autumn I forget to do it.

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