Monday, April 29, 2013

The Geekend That Was, 4/28

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Thursday night we got a special "treat" (I am quoting this because at the time I did not want to go, though it turned out to be kind of fun) and went to a Falcons draft party at the Georgia Dome.
It was neat to be able to go down on the field...
...and into the locker rooms...
(Even though I was a little weirded out when I peeked in the showers.)
Best of all, there was free food (including the most amazing chocolate bread pudding in all of creation. I think I ate about a quart of it.)

Saturday we went to see Oz, The Great and Powerful. Great eye candy. Best opening titles, EVER. I spent most of the movie trying to decide how I felt about James Franco. Charismatic? Melodramatic? Creepy? Handsome? Cheesy? I DON'T KNOW!!

Sunday after church we went to see Zorro at the Alliance with Michael's parents.
I didn't really know what to expect, but this show completely blew me away. I didn't realize the music was done by The Gipsy Kings before we went. It was amazing! They introduced flamenco to this story set in California by having some gypsies follow Diego back from Spain. The cast was outstanding; they didn't cast actors and then teach them flamenco, either. They cast real flamenco artists--singers, dancers and instrumentalists. Their biographies all talked about what kind of flamenco artists their parents were and who they had studied with. The show was full of passion and fire (literally and figuratively) and sword fighting and fantastic music. Go see it if you get a chance!

Excellent entertainment this weekend...oh yeah, and there was some stitching. But stay tuned for that tomorrow. =)


Dani - tkdchick said...

That sounds like a fun and different weekend!

Marsha said...

I still have my Zorro lunch box from when I was a kid. Hope it comes here. (I'm old)

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