Thursday, February 28, 2013

Theme-a-licious Figural February Wrap-Up

OK, it's time to face the music and see how far I really got on Autumn Queen. Here's where I was at the beginning of the month...
...and here's where I am now:
Not really a lot done, but it was a short month. And that Wisper is a pain! I'm sure we'll see her again during Amazon April. =)

I did finish my ornament!!

When I finished, did I sit around, basking in the glory of a job well done?

Nah, I started another one. ;)

Now it's time for...
March Madness
Work on something different every's madness...of the funnest possible kind.

First of all, Don't Panic. Second, you may have noticed that we're rather liberal with themes around here. =) This month is all about fun and challenging yourself. So if you normally work on only one thing at a time, why not pick a different project for the weekends? Or work on a different one each week? Whatever feels like "madness" to you, goes.

Usually I do stitch (or knit) on a differnt WIP each day, but I want to keep up with my chapter SAL, and I want to finish the ornament for the month. Therefore, I'm going to pick from the Sparkly Compote of Decree on every other day, and work on the ornament/SAL/whatever on the other days.

Speaking of the ornament...

Ornament Theme

I know, I know, most ornaments are somewhat 3D once finished. Try and stretch yourself a bit this month and make something that's a little more 3D. =) How about a biscornu? I'm going to make one of those Victoria Sampler houses. (Shhh...I may have already started one...).

So what was your final figure of WIPs this month? Please add your link below (to your wrap-up post), and visit some other Themers if you can (everyone loves comments and encouragement!) Our next post will be on the 15th of March, when we'll check in with March Madness!

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Lisa said...

Any progress is better than none and the ornament finish was super cute :-)

cucki said...

Sweet ornament and your progress is great xx

Unknown said...

Progress is progress I always say and you have a great ornamenth this month really cute!

Kerryp77 said...

That ornament is so sweet, I really love the border on it.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Yay for the return of the SCD!! You need some twinkly graphics for that one.

Katri said...

The ornament is cute!

Nic said...

I haven't stitched with whisper before, but I've heard from a few people what a pain it is to stitch with.
You got a good amount of progress done considering you've been unwell most of the month. Hope March is better for you

Karoline said...

Congratulations on finishing your ornament & progressing Autumn Queen

Laura said...

Your snowman ornament is really cute, and I am enjoying participating in Theme-a-licious. It is helping me to be more motivated to stitch!

Karen said...

Yes, it was a short month, but any stitches are progress, right? Love the snowman.

Topcho said...

Autumn queen is looking good!And the ornament - oh dear, cuteness overdose! XD

Katy said...

Great job! Looking forward to March Madness!

Gillie said...

Whoops, nearly forgot to warm your geeky heart, Heather! Just linked up and off to have a wander.......
Don't have compote of decree but think I might have a mug of march madness, how about that? Away for a couple of days but will dust it off when I get back. You would be proud of me, I brought five different things to work on and so far (three days) have done different things!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Hmmm yes she didn't get that much air time did she?

TeresaB said...

Finally catching up on blog posts, both reading and writing. Love how Autumn Queen is looking. Hope the Sparkly Compote is kind to you!

Yana Hanim said...

just submitted my link, almost late :p

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