Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Geekend That Was, 8/5

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It's all about the Olympics. And we watch it all!

Well, not "all". We only have "rabbit ears" on our TV; no cable or satellite, so we are watching whatever is on NBC and trying not to be spoiled. (Yes, we could stream live, but for two late-rising working people, that's a little bit of a tall order.) We do watch pretty much EVERYTHING NBC shows. When we were in Europe over the Summer, promos were constantly on the BBC, with "London Calling" playing (it got so we would drop whatever we were doing to do a 5-second dance when they came on). But in the US, coverage always begins with a mash-up of Olympic suites by John Williams. I'm wondering, what theme music brings the Olympics to you where you live??

Friday I spent most of the day waiting for packages (new projector for the church and blocking mats!) and waiting for the air conditioning service guy to show up. On a related and yet unrelated note, we got a nifty new techie thermostat. I present to you, our Nest:
It learns your schedule and figures out when you're away, so you don't have to remember to set it higher when you leave. Today it told me it had completed its first auto-learning cycle and that it was ready to go with auto-away...we'll see how it does. Oh, did I mention that I can control it from the Web? Those nearby patched holes were from our old thermostat, which swan-dived into inoperability a whole two weeks BEFORE its 5-year warranty expired. Boy, the engineers really screwed that one up (I still think all electronics are designed to break five days AFTER the warranty expires. My theory is that they use integrated timers with wee grenades embedded into the circuits. I HAVE A DEGREE IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING!) God bless Home Depot; even though they no longer sell this brand, they cheerfully gave us full store credit, since I was able to unearth the receipt!

I noticed I lost a couple followers...I hope it wasn't my Extra-Long Lottlympiad post! Or maybe I offended some Aussies?? Remember, Jim does not speak for the Lottloft...we have no control over his antics. He probably gets all his information from bad 80s movies. Thank you to all 10 of you that actually read to the end, and enjoyed it, even. ;) That post took up a lot of Saturday, actually. Sunday was church, lunch, errands, visit to Dad (where he spoiled the gold medal tennis match for me), more errands, and trying to catch up with the 17 hours of coverage we missed while we were out of the house. I was kind of deliriously happy when I found out coverage ends at 11pm tonight instead of midnight. Holy sleep deprivation, Batman!

And just for fun, let me share a post that brightened my Monday...a really cute post full of bunnies.

I was shocked to get on the elevator yesterday and see, from the integrated news feed screen, that there are other sports going on right now.


cucki said...

aww thank you for sharing the happy post of bunnies..i love it too and a happy follower of her blog now..
have a lovely day deary..
big hugs cucki xxx

Annie said...

I've been losing some sleep to the Olympics too. I'm really not interested in that much of it, but they always put the most popular stuff on around my bedtime (like the baby girl gymnastics).

Yea for a new thermostat! Should keep the utility bills in line.

Jean in Georgia said...

Other sports? NASCAR, baby! Fast cars and good lookin' men. What more could you want?

Erin (moviemuse) said...

Just finished reading your Lottlympiad post. Maybe if I start now, I might have something similar ready to go by the NEXT summer Olympics! LOL Yay for the new thermostat; looks very spiffy and techy. And I'm with you on being absurdly excited about the Olympics coverage ending at 11 last night. We do have cable and a DVR, so I've literally been recording 16-24 hours of Olympics per day, FF-ing through some, but still watching quite a bit. Sooo tired!

Ziggyeor said...

lucky me I can watch on the computer and work has been good about having it on tv to watch. I took the day off just to sit at home and watch and finish the 1st page of the project. I'm trying to find out when the closing ceremony will start for us. It's about time to get out of pjs and get out of the house for a bit.

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

Oh - I need one of those thermostats! I have a programmable one, so I set it up to go higher when we're not expected to be home, but I like the idea of having one that thinks for itself!

I'm sorry you lost a couple of followers - I don't have a ton, so I notice when my figure goes up (or down!), and wonder why people leave. :(

Joysze said...

I started reading... and then I saw your pic... and I was like A NEST!!!! YOU GOT A NEST!!!! Isn't that soooooooooo cool!!!!!! We love ours... people come over and ask about the "alien eye." LOL!

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