Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Geekend That Was, 5/20

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On Friday I headed to the airport...
Nope. I didn't actually go to Zimbabwe. I just had a few extra minutes before my flight, so I decided to take a stroll through one of the between-concourse galleries we have in the Atlanta airport. ART! We have it! (I'm sure that gives us a tax break or something. =)

There's an informative display up front, highlighting the techniques and tools of the stonecarvers. Pictures of Zimbabwe line the walls all the way to the next concourse.
But the main attraction is the sculptures themselves. I love this one!

Anyway! So, I was on my way to Celebration, Florida, for an EGA stitching retreat. See, I'm actually a member of a chapter in Florida, even though I live in Atlanta. DF Teresa's chapter was in need of additional members, so I joined to "help out". But when I heard that the regional celebration was IN Celebration (the town that Disney built, so to speak), I had to go.

We stayed at the Celebration Bohemian hotel.
This was the view from our room!
Can you BELIEVE I didn't get in that pool all weekend?? NEITHER CAN I!

So this was us most of the weekend, stitching away:
It was great; every few hours you could just get up and walk around and see all the different projects people were working on. And most of the time, they changed every time you walked around!

Speaking of walking, I did spend a relaxing lunch on Saturday strolling around, exploring, and, most importantly...
finding ice cream. Salted caramel, with caramel-filled chocolate cubes. When you're overwhelmed by too many choices, just ask your server. They know their stuff!

When we weren't stitching, we were either shopping (I'll have to post my acquisitions later), or having really, Really, REALLY good food. Friday night we ate at D'Antonios, which had excellent Italian food. Saturday, we we to the Columbia restaurant, which has OUTSTANDING Spanish/Cuban cuisine.
We decided to go for tapas, but the decision was really difficult, because EVERYTHING on the menu looks incredible. Here we had mussels with chorizo (mussels aren't my favorite, but the chorizo was THE BEST I've had), plantains, the most AMAZING scallops in existence (we had to check the menu to review the ingredients and still couldn't figure out why they were so magical...I felt like I needed a moment alone with them), and piquillo (I think?) peppers stuffed with minced serrano, mushrooms and cheese.
NOM. Also, there's lots of fun tableside preparation (salad, dessert a flambé, and SANGRIA). Now, I don't like a lot of alcoholic drinks. I definitely like very few wines (and I've never met a red I like). HOWEVER, slap a lot of fruit juice in it, and apparently, I am good to go (although I found out later that the fruit juice ratio was a lot lower than I would have though). AND our waitress made a Skyrim joke, so that was awesome (as well as her level of surprise when we actually laughed).

Sunday, we went to Raglan Road (in Downtown Disney) for excellent Irish food. Here's my Guinness-laced beef stew, crisp green beans and fantastic soda bread with brown sugar/Guinness reduction.
Also, THE most magical bread pudding EVER (replete with butterscotch sauce and crème anglaise).

Well, I'm out of superlatives. Guess I'd better close this post out!

Nothing like a weekend away right before vacation.

Photo disclaimer: These were all taken with the "old" camera. Boy do I love my new camera!!


Lelia said...

Oh my, enjoyed your post.

I have not had the chance to get my Stitcher's Celebration post up. I never thought to ask if any needleworkers had blogs, never crossed my mind.

I've been following your blog for awhile now. Enjoy the day - stitch well.

Veronica said...

Any post with such yummy looking food in it is a winner to me. Gosh, your ice cream sounds sinful. I don't like mussels much either. However, I love scallops! Can't wait to see your purchases.


Anonymous said...

oh my, I'm starving right now..!!
I'm happy you enjoyed your stitching vacation, it looks so much fun from here too!!
can't wait to get mine..! :D
happy xxx,

Chris said...

Looks like an awesome weekend! Wonderful pics and now I am starving!

Parsley said...

Oh wow...what a fun retreat! I am envious.

Melanie said...

Oh my goodness what a great retreat. The NOM NOM NOMS alone. *drool*

Daffycat said...

And I'm just the opposite...there are very few drinks I DON'T like lol! I have to be careful or I could get into trouble lololol

This trip looks like a blast!

woolwoman said...

WOW - I knew you girls would have a wonderful time at Celebration - I'm just so sorry I could not make it but I'm going to target the Sun Region seminar next year in May - hope you'll come down again. Can't wait to see the stash haul - I am taking a class at Needle Orts who did the boutique this weekend - can't wait ! Enjoy your 3 day coming up - mel

Dani - tkdchick said...

Oh dear Atlanta Airport, I learnt one valuble lesson there... when there's a subway take it! Its a long walk from Terminal E to the baggage claim (like 30 minutes).

Looks like you had an awesome time!!!!

Ziggyeor said...

Oh pretty art. I think Nashville has art too. I went with hubs and then found out I couldn't go past a certain point to wait with him. I didn't take a look around so I wouldn't have to pay for parking.
Love your trip to FL. I need a big stitching get together like that, or scrapbooking. I don't belong to any boards anymore to do stuff like that :(

Lelia said...

Good Afternoon , I finally got my Celebration post up --- also, was given the link to FB page with additional photographs:


if you are interested. Enjoy the week-end

Lija Broka said...

Very jealous. Having other stitchers around oneself is always so inspiring!

Jenny said...

It looks fabulous! The stitch-room looks luxurious and the food - wow! It is getting close to lunch here and I can feel that.... I have been sneaking peaks at EGA for years not - maybe time to get myself in gear and do more than just look.... (I miss ASG...)

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