Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday (Closer to Bee-ing)

I finally cast on for the front of my Origami Turtle:
I'm doing the left and right fronts at the same time, on the same needle, so they look a little crowded. I'm actually a little farther now than this picture, which was taken on a very dark and grey day, so the color is not the best. The directions have you do the same pattern sequence on the left side as the back, but then they SWITCH IT UP FOR THE RIGHT SIDE. Like, the left is 4" of moss stitch, then 3.5" of eyelet pattern, etc., and the right is 2" of moss stitch, then the eyelet pattern. Schwunh??? I don't play that kind of crazy, so I'm making them the same. Otherwise I'd be walking around with one shoulder slumped down by 2" all the time.

The Bumblebee is getting dangerously close to being finished.

I trimmed the thorax and cut out a wing. I may have done more than that since I took this picture, and you may want to drop back by on Friday. ;)

Side view of the bee. The thorax is supposed to be a "dome". Well, it's something like a dome, anyway.

Again, I didn't want to trim too much lest I create a bee with a crew cut!

Finally, I did make a start on Chocolat, a class I'm taking with Jackie du Plessis at The Attic in November.

I have to have 12 more of these motifs done by November 2...I GOTTA GET CRACKING!

For more WIP Wednesday eye candy goodness, head over to Tami's Amis!


Vanessa said...

I love that stump work bee! Amazing!

pinkundine said...

Those motifs are incredible... just wow!

I don't blame you modifying the turtle pattern, why would you have different sides in that way?! Bizarre

Jenny said...

Yum; chocolate looks great! How wonderful that you are taking the class! It is definitely on my list of classes that I would love to take! :-)

Your bumble bee is simply fabulous and his thorax totally looks like a dome! The wings are really neat (I have to click on your pic and have a closer look as soon as I have postet this).

And last, Bubba says hi to Auntie Heather! =:x

Jackie's Stitches said...

Your bee looks fantastic! You're totally rocking it!

I've seen Teresa stitching Chocolat. She had not stitched the centers. It's a beautiful project even without the stitched centers. Your photo did a good job of showing the color variation in the thread!

Unknown said...

That bee looks amazing :)

Christine said...

The bee has had me enthralled since I first saw it weeks ago, and I love seeing each stage it goes through. I will be sure to pop by on Friday ;)

Jean in Georgia said...

That bee is freakin' awesome.

Melanie said...

SERIOUSLY loving the bee!!

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